Your Healthy Holiday Survival Guide

Your Healthy Holiday Survival Guide
almost 4 years ago

Find out how to stay healthy this holiday season with our Healthy Holiday Survival Guide

Christmas and New Years are what many people call the most wonderful time of the year! Holiday events that fill up your calendar can make it tough to stay on track with eating well and staying active. Studies show many of us will gain up to 5 pounds over the holidays. Many people will carry that weight all year and not lose it which can lead to our weight creeping up over the years. This is why we have put together a Healthy Holiday Survival Guide for you. Read on to find out tips to help you stay on track and avoid the inevitable holiday weight gain this holiday season.

Fit in Fitness

Your Healthy Holiday Survival Guide

The holidays are often a time where exercise gets neglected. Exercise helps to burn calories, curb your appetite, and relieve stress. Here are few ways to stay active this season:

 Schedule fun calorie-torching activities such as skating, building a snowman, tobogganing, skiing or taking walks to look at Christmas lights with your friends and family

 Shovel your driveway and help out your neighbors with theirs

 Dance the night away at holiday parties and to your favorite Christmas carols

 Choose the furthest parking spot wherever you go and watch those daily steps rack up

Holiday Nutrition

Your Healthy Holiday Survival Guide

 Eat Regularly – skipping meals will decrease your metabolism, energy, and self-control

 Fill Up On – fruits, vegetables, and whole grains

 Plan Ahead – use a diary to plan your day. Eat a light lunch if you know you will be indulging that night

 Drink Water – drinking a large glass of water before a meal will help to curb your appetite

Be a Healthy Party Guest

 Don’t arrive at the party hungry, have a healthy snack before you go and try to spoil that appetite

 Keep alcohol to a minimum and alternate alcoholic drinks with water

 Have small portions of indulgent foods

 Stick to veggies, fruit, shrimp and lean meats as much as possible

 Bring a healthy alternative that you can snack on

Manage Holiday Stress

Your Healthy Holiday Survival Guide

 Set realistic goals and expectations for yourself. Not everything has to be perfect

 Prioritize your tasks and make organized lists to avoid feeling overwhelmed

 Enlist the help and support of friends and family. It's ok to ask for help

 Take time out for yourself to recharge your batteries

We at MVP Meals wish you a healthy, happy and safe holiday!!!!

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Your Healthy Holiday Survival Guide