Grab Links for Your Blog by Link Baiting

Grab Links for Your Blog by Link Baiting

Successful bloggers often say, if you want to have a successful blog, make something worth linking to. Link Baiting is recognized as the most effective way....

It took me several days to write this super long post, and so please enjoy it.

Have you ever found a method for other bloggers to link to your new blog? I'm sure you did.

You probably were doing this by requesting exchange links. Yes, link exchange will work but aside from it's a time consuming activity, the number of links you gather here is limited unless you want your blog to become a directory link for all other blogs.

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My question now is - how are you going to get hundreds or thousands of natural links pointing to your blog? You may answer - have a high quality content post/blog. You are just partly correct. This may just give you a few extra links but not hundreds or thousands. You must not only create a high quality content post but high quality content with link baiting strategy mechanism. Yes - link baiting is the answer. This can deliver hundreds or thousands of natural links pointing to your blog quickly.

Successful bloggers often say, if you want to have a successful blog, make something worth linking to. Link Baiting is recognized as the most effective way to build links for a site.

But, remember, linkbait is Not Just About Getting Links. Many people think link baiting is all about getting links, but that's not all.

For the vast majority of web marketers, three unique elements define the goals of nearly every project - traffic, conversion and branding.

When implemented properly, link bait is a great strategy for achieving two of these three goals (traffic and branding) directly, and the other (conversion) indirectly.

The process of branding involves identifying successful ways to get in front of your industries airways, building some content and promoting it.

Tip (If you are a solo blogger, one good technique of branding is to make your name as your domain name like what Steve Pavlina did with But if you plan to sell the domain one day, you will find it harder to sell if it's your name.)

How to Generate Link Baiting Ideas

Many people think that creating link baiting ideas is a tough job, but not at all. While it demand some creative thinking, many bloggers did it all alone.

I will feature some of them below, how they generate link baiting ideas and their successes. For now, I will borrow the words of Scott who made a great post about generating link baiting ideas. His 4 four-stage approach include:

1. Write Down Everything. This is the mental hemorrhaging phase wherein we all just blurt out any and all ideas that come to mind.

Don't censor or edit yourself during this phase; take down every idea no matter how bizarre, idiotic or far fetched it may sound.

2. Breakdown Your Ideas. Once you've squeezed every last drop of creative juice from your head, it's time filter everything out. It's a good idea to breakdown each idea (no censoring or editing yet) into its Concept and Content components.

That is, what is the format (Concept) for the suggested Link Bait (tool, widget, top ten list, how to guide, blog post, etc.) versus what is the subject (Content) of the suggested Link Bait (Wii, iPod, PPC ads, pigs, celebrity weddings, etc.). Separate these into two lists.

3. Evaluate Content. Ignoring your Concept list, critically evaluate your Content list.

Are there time-sensitive ideas? Are there some that can wait for a relevant piece of news to complement them? Are there ideas you'd really like to write about? Are there ideas that can go into storage for a dry-spell?

4. Mix and Match. Once you've prioritized the Content, you can now mix and match it with your Concept list. No story/content is beholden to the original format you brainstormed it in.

Is your story something that might make Digg? Then consider the Concepts that do well there: top ten, how to, etc. Can it be interactive? Perhaps a tool or poll Concept would be effective.

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By marrying your priority Content to the most appropriate Concept, you can optimize the effectiveness, reach and novelty to your intended audience.