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In 2010, Global Beauty is proud to introduce Authentic Mink Lashes, 100% hand selected with a perfect curl and absolute natural and weightless.

Put the Global Beauty experience into your business. In 2007 Global Beauty was proud to be the first to provide the Revolutionary Y-Lashes, Magical Lashes, Mink Lashes and Gel Glue Removers to North America.

As well, we are the first to reveal the techniques and applications of these new types of lashes to the eyelash extensions field, as well as introducing the technique of body tattoo.

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Our eyelash adhesives include safe, Korean government approved, formaldehyde free, flexible, glossy and easy bonding adhesive with the purest ingredients in the field.

With Global Beauty, you can always ensure to catch the newest trend and the most reliable products to incorporate into your business.

We turn ideals and dreams into reality. Some of our signature products are: Global Y-Lashes - diamond technology to combine two J-Curl lashes in one, and each lash is virtually weightless, lighter than any J-Curl Lashes available.

With Global Y-Lashes, now you can double the volume in only half the time.

Eyelash Extensions using Global Y-Lashes take only 15 minutes of application time and produce luscious, voluminous eyelashes.

Global Beauty is the first to introduce Y-Lashes into the eyelash extensions market, and now this item is popular everywhere in the world. Progress is beautiful.

We carry a wide range of premium quality eyelashes - from 0.15mm and 0.20mm extra thick lashes to 0.25mm super volume lashes from 6mm to 15mm, so you can design and customize the perfect look for your clients.

Our eyelashes are made from the highest quality material from Japan and manufactured in Korea.

Every item has been carefully inspected for their quality and efficiency. In 2008, we are proud to introduce three new hot items - W Lashes, the newest invention from Global Beauty, Dramatic Lashes and Diamond Lashes.

Diamond Lashes are available exclusively at Global Beauty and not yet sold anywhere else in North America. As a gratitude for our clients, we will be offering these shimmering lashes as gifts.

In 2009, Global Beauty once again astonished the eyelash field with its new invention - Global Lash Decor series. Global Lash Decor lashes are the artistic essence of eyelash extensions.

After successfully introducing Y-Lashes, Magic Lashes, W Lashes into the eyelash extensions field, Global Beauty is bringing eyelash extensions to a whole new level with our newest invention - Lash Decor.

Global Lash Decor eyelashes are made with the highest technology to create an extravagant, eye-opening look like never before.

Incredibly soft, smooth and virtually weightless! Use your technique and our Lash Decor to dance around the eyes!

All you need is 6 to 8 lashes per eye and for a celebrity-winning look! Enjoy beauty in seconds.

In 2010, Global Beauty is proud to introduce Authentic Mink Lashes, 100% hand selected with a perfect curl and absolute natural and weightless.

This brings eyelash extensions to a whole new level - the ultimate perfect lash for a flawless, celebrity and glamorous look.

This is the hottest celebrity trend - wear what the celebrities really wear.

We also invented the Dual Colour Lashes, giving the eyelashes a hint of colour yet maintaining the natural look for unique and fantastic eyes.

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Keep the beauty alive. Once again, thank you for supporting Global Beauty!