ACL Fest 2010 3 Days 8 Stages 130 Bands

ACL Fest 2010 3 Days 8 Stages 130 Bands

The weather was perfect, the lineup eclectic with just the right mix of hometown, up and comers and tried and true...something for everyone, the food was excellent, and the people were exceptionally congenial. A good time was had by all.

The highlight of Day 3 was the grand finale. EAGLES...a night to remember with the stage glowing against the downtown skyline... Grandmothers and pre-teens stood in front of me and they all knew the words to every Eagles hit. The entire crowd participated in one giant sing along and Walsh, Henley, Frey and Schmidt covered the gamut singing almost every Eagles hit the crowd wanted (one notable exception was Tequila Sunrise) from I can't Tell you Why to Witchy Woman to Peaceful Easy Feeling to Take it to the Limit to Hotel California to Lying Eyes to Seems to Me to In the Long Run to Life in the Fast Lane to Dirty Laundry to Life's Been Good to Me to Take it Easy and wrapping with a masterful Desperado. If you missed it all I can say is well you missed one of the great concerts of a lifetime.

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The only glitch I can report was that Norah Jones was finishing her wonderful set with Lone Star and the Eagles began before she finished which seemed rather rude, but she was a trooper and finished with a flair.

Day 2 In Review In Brief

Ok, so when ALM gets invited to an exclusive afterparty on the way home from ACL Fest, we have to go. But we'll blog everything TONIGHT from yesterday and today. We have interviews with Two Door Cinema Club and LISSIE (we like her, in case you didn't know). Here's a taste of the exhausting day two!

Two Door Cinema Club was the hands down best show of the day, for the few who braved the beating sun to dance in a happy pit at the Austin Ventures stage. Until the following unexpectedly happened:

Who glammed up my Grace Potter? Approaching the AMD stage in midday, Potter shimmers from afar, clad in a sequined number that is Tina Turner's length, which she even quips she didn't fully consider the danger of. "Don't look at my panties," she instructs, reservedly still employing the gritty voice and jumps that are an echo of her full capacity. She is keeping her inner animal back until about 3/4 through the set when the Grace that everyone witnessed emerges at this year's SXSW...picks up a flying V guitar and it is,

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as someone near me shouts, "on." She flies across the stage and suddenly has stolen the soul of Tina Turner, hair going forward and back at the keyboard. Her stage presence is unparalleled by any at the fest so far as she breaks out a line that could be self-descriptive. "She's baking cookies then she'll burn your town." Ms. Potter has certainly lit the torch when the most unexpected thing happy