Enter content titleTHE KODAK Z915 FOR YOUR EASY, BASIC PHOTOGRAPHY here...

Enter content titleTHE KODAK Z915 FOR YOUR EASY, BASIC PHOTOGRAPHY here...

The Kodak Z915 allows you to take full, creative control over the following: ISO speed, Aperture, Shutter Speed, and Flash Compensation.

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You can learn photography even with using the most basic of cameras. You don’t need to deal with a complex photography tool such as a DSLR if you don’t have enough money to get one yet. As a beginner, you can deal with a simple and more affordable point-and-shoot camera by maximizing the use of its features and controls. Learn some basic terminologies and gather some inspiration to get started.

Having a complex camera that has too many features can be confusing. Using a basic point-and-shoot that offers only a few benefits is frustrating. But you also have to bear in mind that no camera is perfect

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The Kodak Z915 is an indispensable point-and-shoot camera for every beginner and amateur photographer. It allows you to shoot beautiful photos by taking advantage of its settings and manual modes. Find out what it offers for your easy, basic photography.


The Kodak Z915 features 10 megapixels and has a CCD sensor. A 10 megapixel count is ample in taking fine shots of subjects. You can share your photos on the web or print them in photo papers not more than 12 inches for the best result. Excellent uses for your photos include photo album prints, DIY photo crafts, ornaments and collage.

Its CCD sensor consumes more battery power but has advantages. It reduces noise (film grain), produces HD quality photos, and does well even in low light.

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