Why Lists REALLY Work

Why Lists REALLY Work

Ever since I began reading I have always loved material that was concise and to the point. Studies even show that people can easily consume written material if

Ever since I began reading I have always loved material that was concise and to the point. Studies even show that people can easily consume written material if they are broken up into paragraphs containing 3-4 sentences. However, the best of them all has to be the list.

Lists are both clear and concise. Unfortunately, not many bloggers use this. This could be because the majority of the blogs on the web right now are personal blogs. However, even these personal blogs could use lists. In fact, lists help in preventing you reader from deviating.

In my case, my trackers (and I use way too many and stare at them way too long) show that my blog posts using lists are way more popular than those that don’t. Sure I don’t have many on BloggersWalk yet, but my other blogs also show a similar trend. Thus, it seems pretty safe to assume that lists work better. Let’s see why.

1. Short, BUT Informative

Rarely do you see long lists. If they were that long they would be paragraphs. The whole point of lists is that it gives the important information while taking out all the fluff. Readers like that as it saves time and energy.

2. It’s Not So Boring

Although some long lines of constant words are quite interesting to read, this is on a rare scenario. Most of the time, the really long posts are simply boring. The reader gets quickly bored of all the unnecessary information thrown at them. Lists don’t do this. You NEVER want your readers thinking that your blog is boring!

3. Organizes the Material

You know how lists usually go from 1 to X? Most of the time this number has some meaning behind it. Personally, I’m not dazzling at this one. I usually just number whatever comes to mind. However, lists usually are supposed to help you organize your material in any specific order you may have.

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4. Helps With Persuading

As a blogger, you are often giving some sort of an information. In the case of this information being a trick or an opinion, lists are really good at persuading your visitors in seeing your opinion. This is because your points are thrown at your visitors one after another. Hopefully right now, I’m persuading you that lists are a good thing to implement in your posts.

5. Easy to Compose

Lists are often easy to create and write. You don’t need to have an awesome talent in your language. All you need to be able to do is be able to deliver your points in the most simplest manner possible. After all, that’s what lists are–giving your say in a quick but informative manner. This is what makes lists easy to create and implement in your blog posts.

Lists keep your posts clear and concise. If you are by any chance a high school student preparing for the SATs, you probably know this. In your writing section, you select your answers based on the following order: correct > clear > concise. As a blogger, assuming that your posts are correct and logical, what makes the difference between you and the average Joe is clarity and conciseness. Lists help you tremendously in achieving this.

Are you a big fan of lists? You think lists are stupid? Have your say about this post and leave a comment please!

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