How to Achieve Social Success Through Blogs

How to Achieve Social Success Through Blogs

To achieve success through blogs, you must make sure that your blog is laid out in a format that will help it become successful. Most Internet users do not read

To achieve success through blogs, you must make sure that your blog is laid out in a format that will help it become successful. Most Internet users do not read the whole content they are looking at, they scan it for key and interesting parts. To get off to a good start, you have to have an eye catching title to entice the reader in and then structure your post so that you can highlight the key sections you want the user to read. Format is everything because if it is laid out well, the user may go back and look at your blog post again for something they may have missed.

A 4 Step Guide to a Successful Blog Post

1. Great title – this is crucial because this is the first line that readers see. So as much as possible, create a compelling title that arouses curiosity, intrigue and interest in general.

2. Enable or install social sharing buttons – some people may be so pleased with what they have read they may want to share the link of your blog on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and other sites. This can also help in terms of natural link-building for your website or blog which in turn can build credibility and eventually result in good rankings for your page on search engines.

3. Your blog should have a theme that is of high quality- the design and overall feel of your website or blog also reflects your authority and credibility. So as much as possible, avoid clutter, pushy irrelevant ads and annoying pop-ups.

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4. Make sure your website/blog follows SEO best practices (Meta descriptions, static URL’s, image alt tags)- this greatly helps for on-page optimization. You should let Google know what your website or blog is all about!

Here’s a 6 step plan to help you format your blogs.

1. Photos and captions

It may seem like a really basic and obvious thing to put in but it is effective. Photos are great if used correctly since it makes no sense sticking a picture in your blog if it doesn’t communicate any of the points you are trying to make. The photos should be real, don’t be taking all pictures from a company website if that is what you are talking about. Providing captions also help users break down and communicate specific information connected to the photo.

2. Graphics

Graphics are helpful to get your blog noticed. It is one of the best ways to communicate your view or information and it is factual than backing up your statement with graphical statistics is always helpful. If you do not have someone good with graphs or a graphic designer at your organisation, then you can create graphs from Google spreadsheets or a design tool like Piktochart or even something as basic as Microsoft excel and create a graph from there or perhaps hire web designers in Hull.

3. Sub headings

Sub headings are always helpful, another basic idea but it helps the reader break up your blog so that if they are looking for something specific, they can scan through your sub headings to find what they want.

4. Colour

Colour makes the text readable- black and white print may seem pretty boring, so compensate it with photos or graphs or you can change the font colours and background. The aim is to highlight your post and make it memorable. However, don’t overdo the colours for if there are too many colours, it may distract the user from what you are saying because they are not taking all the information in.

5. Bullet points

These can help summarise some of your points; it is much easier to scan bullet points than to scan a paragraph of text. They present your points in a clear, concise and memorable way. Make it noticeable however, so that when readers tend to scan your article, they will stop on the exact spot where information is short and understandable.

6. Quotations

If what you are saying can be backed up by quotes from famous people or from people in your industry, then it may start a debate because it can be seen as a reliable source. But aside from the sake of argument, it can also be a basis for your thesis or anti-thesis.

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