Tips to Start Your Own Website

Tips to Start Your Own Website

Hey Guys, Warm greetings and welcome to the Bloggers Hike. I am Rajat Khatri and writing this article to give you Basic acquaintance about HTML & CSS for making

Hey Guys, Warm greetings and welcome to the Bloggers Hike. I am Rajat Khatri and writing this article to give you Basic acquaintance about HTML & CSS for making a simple and attractive website. You can start building website yourself. It’s easy to learn the ways to build a website, but it is your own creativity that how attractive you can make your website. It needs practice and creativity of imagination that how you can design your website which looks good to viewers. Your website will looks good to you because you made it with your efforts but don’t judge your website by thinking this is my website, just review your website as third person. This is the best way to judge your website whether it is nice or not, forgot that you are the webmaster of the website then review it.

Let me start with HTML. What comes first in your mind when you talk about Website? Yes, it is HTML. It means Hypertext Markup Language. It is very important language for making any type of website whether it is In PHP, .net or java but browser always generates the output in HTML language. The web browser only understands this language that is why we have to use this to make websites. It helps us to create a structure for website.

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How HTML Works?

When we code something in HTML and run it in a browser the web browser reads it and convert it into a website like (images, table, etc). In other terms, when someone request our URL the web browser automatically transfer our web pages to their server with help of HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol) and it will displays our web page which contains (text, images, audio, video, etc).

Coding contains HTML tags which will allow us to convert anything which we want in our website.

What are HTML tags?

HTML tags simply allow us to design our website rather than a simple text. It simply makes your website innovative by adding tables, images, audio, video and many more other impressive things. Tag starts and end with angle brackets like <HTML tag>.

Tags are of two types:-

Pair Tags

Unpair Tags

A Pair tag comes in pair, like it opens in the starting and closes after the written code. It opens as <> and closes as </>. It is necessary to close the pair tag, if not it will mix up with another tag which you will code after it.

Example: <h1> Heading Text </h1>

Unpair tags does not need to be close, there won’t be problem if we didn’t close the unpair tag.

Example: <img>

Some tags are very important like the pillars of website, without these tags web browser will not convert properly your code into a website. These tags are:-




HTML tag describes the browser that your document is html and converts into a website. It opens at the beginning of the page and ends at the bottom of every document.

Head tag contains title of the page and all Meta data of a website, included part in a head segment will not be visible to viewers as HTML document. We can include any external CSS document and also JavaScript linking to our website. Head tag starts after HTML tag and ends after all head items.

Body tag starts just after head tag and ends before html tag. In this tag we have to make structure of our website, all that things which we want to display in our website comes in this tag. Basically we can design a website layout in this tag.

Now let’s switch to CSS. CSS terms stands for Cascading Style Sheet, it mainly used for decorating the website. It gives lots of effects to any of your tag such as table, image, font, etc. It is very effective if website is maintained with it. It gives lots of features to design our website to look good and eye catching, it also helps us in that places where we can’t find a way or uses improper way in HTML to fix it and makes it in proper manner.

CSS are of three types:-

Inline CSS

Internal CSS

External CSS

Inline CSS is applied in a particular tag which we have to change and use term ‘style’ in any tag.

Example: <div style=”css properties”></div>

Internal CSS used in the same page where you are coding HTML.

Example: <style>CSS Properties</style>

Last but not the least, the common and effective way to use is External CSS, in this we have to create another document with extension name of .css and all properties will be in this document and after this link this document to your HTML document in head tag. We can use same css document in different pages of our website by just linking the css file to that page and you can use your css properties in that page too.

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So guys in this article I’ve tell you about Basic HTML and CSS so that you can understand exactly What is HTML and CSS is and how a website should be started. Hold on! In my next blog I will tell you what are the different tags are and how to use HTML to build a website. Stay tuned for more articles I will be back soon…. Thanks everyone.