River Fishing: Mountain Fresh Game Description

River Fishing: Mountain Fresh Game Description

River Fishing: Mountain Fresh is the second game in the River Fishing series of online fishing games. This series focuses on creating a realistic fishing game e

River Fishing: Mountain Fresh is the second game in the River Fishing series of online fishing games. This series focuses on creating a realistic fishing game experience for the online player. Players start by selecting from six different spots to fish along the river. Each spot has its own unique look, complete with wild life sounds, such as crickets, birds and the sound of river water rushing past.

Players are thrust into a first person view after selecting their fishing spot. A large, detailed fishing pole dominates the view. Players control it by dragging the mouse across the screen. The rod will follow the mouse as it moves. A series of different lures are laid out across the top of the screen.

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Players select this by left clicking on them. Each offers its own unique advantages that must be learned by the players as they play. The player must learn which lure catches which fish as there are five different species available. Each species will only bite specific lures.

A small arrow appears underneath of your cursor when you point it at the river. Left click to throw your lure to this spot. Let the lure sit for a few moments. Listen for a loud “ping” noise. This means a fish has bit your lure. Left click to reel in your line. Watch the power bar at the right to avoid breaking your line. Stop reeling for a moment if the bar gets tall and red. Move around the river ever few minutes to catch new fish.

River Fishing: Mountain Fresh Game Controls

Cast – left-click on the water to cast your line.

Reel in – left-click and hold the button to reel in your line.

Super Dynamite Fishing Game Description

For a truly exciting fishing expedition, check out Super Dynamite Fishing. In Super Dynamite Fishing, you get to play a hardcore fisher who wears a classy pair of overalls and a red shirt. Your fishing boat is a white bathtub with a shower head attached. In the background is an array of stunning scenery, including a mountain, a forest and plenty of farmland.

Super Dynamite Fishing differs from regular fishing, in that you don’t fish with a pole. Instead, you’ll get to use a fishing technique that’s a little bit, well, different — dynamite! Throw the dynamite into the lake and watch as the dead fish rise to the surface. You’ll want to catch as many fish as possible before you run out of time. You get points for each fish you kill. If you see a treasure chest on the floor of the lake, try and hit it with the dynamite. You could be rewarded with a freezer, which will make it infinitely easier to catch the fish.

Sometimes, you might want to go out fishing, but the weather simply will not cooperate. In these circumstances, playing online fishing games can be a surprisingly good substitute. These games give you all of the excitement of a fishing trip with none of the sore feeling that comes from crouching all day with a fishing pole. That’s exactly where Super Dynamite Fishing comes in.

While it is an easy game to get the hang of, but once you start playing it, you’ll have a really hard time convincing yourself to quit!

Super Dynamite Fishing Game Controls

Move “boat” – left/right arrow keys.

Throw dynamite – tap the space bar key or left-click your mouse.

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