How I Can Make Money Through By Blog

How I Can Make Money Through By Blog

Thousand of websites and blogs can be found easily in the online world. Some of them are free and most of them

Thousand of websites and blogs can be found easily in online world. Some of them are free and most of them are paid which means they comes with web hosting and domains as well. About twenty percent of blogs or websites are popular as well as successful and they are getting targeted traffic that helps them to grab more blog readers. This can help them to make money from their blog.

Make Money Online

But you don’t think that rest of other blogs or websites aren’t making money online but i mean to say that it’s very hard to earn good income through your blog. This task can be difficult but not impossible. You need to set your Goals first, so one thing that you should keep in mind that you can earn good amount of money from your blog at start but you can’t rely on this source to live your life.

For all of this you should need to write unique and high quality post on your website or blog, and all of this take time between 1-2 years to get popular and successful. After that you will be able to attract more readers towards your website or blog. You should need to concentrate on this main things, so that it will be easier for you to get success fast.

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Ways to Make Money From Blog

There are various options available through which you can make money through your blog easily. But some important ways of them are as under :


PPC means pay per click, at beginning of your blog you can make good revenue from your blog by placing PPC advertisements on your website or blog. You can join the popular PPC ads network like Google AdSense, Chitika etc. But to earn good income your will need to grab more visitors towards your blog in order to boost it’s traffic as well as revenue.

Advertising Other Blogs/Products

Once you have got good result from your website or blog and visitors starts coming towards your blog then what you should need to do is that create advertise page on your blog and show the real information about your blog traffic there. Also place reasonable price for the advertisers who wish to place advertisements on your blog or website.

Affiliate Marketing

If your website have good number of readers and good traffic is coming towards your website or blog then you should need to concentrate on affiliate marketing. This will help you to boost your earning in very short period of time. Become the affiliate of the 4-5 top products and promote them. Whenever somebody buy through your given link, then you will get commission for it. Don’t place too much advertisements on your blog so that your readers will be annoyed.

Conclusion on Make Money Online From Blog

These are the simple and easy methods that you can use on your blog to earn handsome income from it and all this depends upon your blog traffic. You need to be unique, hard working and patient if you want to make money online. If you work upon all the tips mentioned, then i will surely guarantee you that make money ($200-$300) a month will not be difficult task forou.

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