Rumor Nokia Lumia 900 and Nokia 703

Rumor Nokia Lumia 900 and Nokia 703

Rumor Nokia Lumia 900 – So much speculation has been circulating about a new Nokia phone

Rumor Nokia Lumia 900 – So much speculation has been circulating about a new Nokia phone, Lumia 900. The good news comes from an answer via Twitter from the official account Swiss network operator, Swisscom. Xavier Han, with the name of the Twitter account @ Gimly81 asked his Twitter account @ Swisscom Swisscom_Care regarding when the presence of 800 Nokia mobile phone Lumia, Lumia 900, and HTC Titan on the provider. Received a very satisfactory answer, because the return game contains some important information that is being discussed.

‘The Lumia 800 comes out in January, the Lumia 900 comes out in February and the HTC Titan isn t going to be stocked by us, so check out the HTC instead Radar’

According to the Swiss network operator 900 Lumia was there, and the rumors were true this phone will be present at the MWC in February. After knowing the certainty is certainly Teknokerz also asked about the advantages of this 900 Lumia.

According to the news, this phone will have 4.3 inches with a resolution higher than 800X480piksel, dual-core processor, with 1GB of RAM, supports NFC, and the 4G LTE network. Lumia 900 is rumored to also be operated with Windows Phone Tango, which apparently will not have much difference with the current version.

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Nokia 703 – News of the latest nokia mobile phone products that reportedly named names more widely Nokia 703 only. Of the various media that preach about the latest Nokia, the Nokia 703 will be launcing in November 2011. Nokia will release phones berOS WP7 at the end of this year, but rumors indicate there are 3 phones that leaked ‘accidentally’ in cyberspace.

First is kodename to the first mobile phone nokia nokia berOS WP7 is Sea Ray. But then leaked from a game developer, Elbert Perez, nokia phone called the Nokia 800 in the compatibility list phone that can play the game.

Nokia 703

But then on the website appear in the list Elbert perez other nokia Nokia 800 and Sea Ray, this seemed to indicate the nokia 800 and nokia Sea Ray are two different phones. Well this time the name appears again in WPcentral Nokia 703, is this a completely different phone than the Nokia 800 and Nokia Sea Ray?

What is clear is just a WP7 berOS phone that will come out this year, and it should be noted that the first phone Nokia berOS WP7 is not made in a factory nokia because mepetnya deadlines, and the phone is not using OS WP7 modifications from Nokia. The next cell phone will then use the nokia OS modifications, one of which is Window Phone Tango.

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