Letting go of a relationship-moving on from breakup

Letting go of a relationship-moving on from breakup

For a man who’s working on his social skills, letting go of a relationship can be especially hard. Let’s say you had a really special connection with this one

Get up and WORK for your bright future:

Work on yourself intensely, workout, work on your social skills, go meet new people, join new activities.

Anything you can do to work on your self-confidence, gain social skills and become more centered as a man is your way to stop women from emotionally controlling your life.

Remember that the overall goal is:

Social success.

Lots of friends.

Having so many girls interested in you that you can just pick the one you like the most.

This is the lifestyle that you want and what you’re striving for. Keep your mind there.

Envision yourself, what are your goals and where you want to go? What are the steps to get there?

You are a catch and if a girl decides to get off your train it’s legitimately her loss – really.

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First you:

I can resume this point in a simple idea.

Why suffer for some girl that doesn’t want to be with you? Why suffer for a situation that can’t be fixed?

When you’re feeling down just remember; that girl doesn’t even want to be with you so why even bother?

It's a self-respect thing at this point.


This is the ultimate way of letting go of a relationship. Abundance wins all.

A huge chunk of the bad emotions you get from a breakup come from the fact that you’ve just lost a lot of approval from someone.

Being rejected feels bad, and it feels even worse if the rejection is from someone who you had some sort of emotional connection with. Look at emotions objectively and attack the causes.

In one hand, you shouldn’t be seeking approval from anyone; this is a big reason why your girlfriend will dump you – being too approval seeking. That’s also a big piece of what this website is dedicated to, but that’s just another can of worms.

On the other hand, having an abundance of options makes this whole process easier, and you won’t feel that big blow on your self-esteem from the approval that was taken away. Abundance is the “magic pill” and if you’ve got it; the emotional impact is immensely reduced.

The combination of all these points will make letting go of a relationship a lot easier, it’s all about what’s best for you and becoming a better man for your next relationship. Go out and get social!

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