SEO And Social Media! Why Is It Important To Have them Both Optimized

SEO And Social Media! Why Is It Important To Have them Both Optimized

There is an ongoing argument that SMO or social media optimization has already usurped Search engine optimization or SEO in terms of importance in online brand.

There is an ongoing argument that SMO or social media optimization has already usurped Search engine optimization or SEO in terms of importance in online brand promotion and marketing.

There is no denying that fact that social media optimization is playing a bigger role than SEO these days in certain niches, but we believe that a business will do better than its competitors if it chooses to focus on both SEO and SMO and not just on one. Read on and know more about our reasons for saying so.

What is SMO?

SMO is a marketing tactic that is similar in many ways to SEO or search engine optimization. Social media optimization mainly involves generation of publicity with the use of social media networks, as well as blogging and video sharing websites.

Known as “SMO” for short, one of the objectives of this practice is to increase awareness for a site or brand and generate traffic that could possibly convert to sales. It is a means to an end—that being increased sales and profitability for the company behind the product or service being offered. The main objective of SMO is to increase traffic from sources other than search engines.

Its primary characteristic being customer-centric and it relies on people recommending the brand to other people and all these people spreading the word to their own circle of friends online.

Simplified, the activities involved in social media optimization are all geared toward inviting people to participate actively in a discussion and responding to them across all the available channels of communication.

However, that is only the beginning. SMO is also about listening closely to what these people are saying—both the good and the bad—and modifying one’s marketing approach based on the feedback.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is essentially following established practices to make website more visible to search engines. It has been going on for years. Businesses are slowly seeing the value of this type of marketing strategy. In this way, people using search engines hoping to find a product or service that they require will find the site easily.

The main objective of SEO is to land a webpage on the top of the list of search results, or at the least on the first page with the site’s most important keywords. Studies have shown that search engine users rarely if ever check the results presented to them on the second or latter pages.

SEO has been the focus of many marketing campaigns, particularly those that seek to increase visits to a website where people can learn more about a company’s products or services.SMO and SEO are intertwined

When users of a social networking site share social media content, “like” or “favorite” a post they are actually voting for the webpage. Search engines, such as Yahoo and Google are starting to consider these votes as a testament to the quality of the page.

The quality of the content of the webpage is one of the main factors that influence the ranking of a page on search engine results. In this way, social media optimization can also boost the SEO performance of a page. If there is outstanding SMO, then traffic to the site comes from two sources—search engines and referrals from social media sites.

Now that social signals figure importantly in search engine rankings, it is our belief that SEO and SMO are intertwined. As such, addressing both is the best course to undertake.

SEO and SMO: The dynamic duo for increasing traffic

Website managers can instigate activities that optimize a site such that it is more visible and easier to link. In targeting both search engines and social media searches, website developers and managers need to build and maintain a site that is friendly to search engines while accommodating the needs of social media platform users.

This is not that difficult to do because tools abound. For instance, building up links with social media bookmarking is facilitated by many applications. The more quality links a site has, the better search engine algorithms perceive it.

Both SMO and SEO share a common goal, and that is to increase awareness about a website by driving traffic to it. There are fundamental differences of course.

SMO is more about the quality of the content, the user experience, and the degree of interaction and less on the website’s technical structure, which characterizes SEO. Nevertheless, the rewards could be considerable if resources are allotted to both search engine optimization and social media optimization.

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