Drinking Filtered Water to Be Safe

Drinking Filtered Water to Be Safe

Clean water was once taken for granted in the U.S. People drank water from the municipal supplies without question.

Clean water was once taken for granted in the U.S. People drank water from the municipal supplies without question.

Then bottled water arrived, and word spread that municipal water supply water was contaminated. Well water was believed to be contaminated also, due to pesticides and industrial chemicals seeping into the underground water supply.

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Filtered Water

Drinking Filtered Water has become highly recommended (as of 2007). Consumers have discovered that bottled water often comes directly from municipal water supplies.

The government does little to regulate the purity of bottled water, and consumers are gradually learning this. In addition, they are learning that bottled water may absorb harmful chemicals from the plastic bottles in which it is stored.

Many bottled water companies claim that you are drinking Filtered Water when you drink their brand, and that the water is of a higher quality because of that. Most show now research to prove those claims, however.

Drinking Water Filters

All of this has led to increased demand for drinking Water Filters. These come in three basic types: tap/pitcher Drinking Water filters; sink/shower drinking Water Filters; whole home Drinking Water filters.

* Tap/Pitcher Drinking Water Filters: These Drinking Water filters fit over the tap or in the top of a pitcher.

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They filter Drinking Water and cooking water on demand, as it is needed. This basic filtration will remove the most common toxins from municipal water.

They are readily available at most “box” stores or hardware stores, and are the lowest price type of filtration.

* Sink/Shower Drinking Water Filters: The next step up is sink/shower drinking Water Filters. Sink Drinking Water filters sit on the counter beside the sink or in the cabinet under the sink.

They filter all water flowing through the cold water tap, whether for drinking, cooking, or simple hand-washing. The capabilities of these systems vary widely, and are not dependent on price.

Mid-range systems often do a better job of filtering than the highest priced. Look for a system that will remove at least 98 percent of toxins and contaminants.

Shower filters have a lower satisfaction rate. Check the amount of water they clean, the speed with which they clean it, and how your water pressure will be affected.

* Whole Home Drinking Water Filters: Whole home Drinking Water filters sound good, since their use means that wherever your family draws water, they will be drinking Filtered Water.

This is an advantage, but there are disadvantages. A whole home system may have to be installed by a professional.

Your toilet tank will be filled from drinking Water Filters, as will your washing machine. You will pay to change filters more frequently because of this.

Drinking Filtered Water is an excellent idea. The choice of where you place the Drinking Water filters, and what type you buy, is yours.

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