Nutrients in Shea Butter

Nutrients in Shea Butter

The wonders of Shea Butter doesn't stop at your skin as it actually has many incredible uses because of its unique nutritional properties.

Not all Shea Butters are created equal

The American Shea Butter Institute in Atlanta Georgia has been studying Shea Butter for years and uses a class system to grade the Shea Butter from A to F. Grade A is premium quality and Grade F has little to no healing properties and should only be used as a moisturizer.

Moyaa Shea Butter is Grade A (as approved by the American Shea Butter Institute) organic, unrefined, and 100% pure imported from Uganda, in East Africa. It comes from the Vitellaria Nilotica tree and is a fair-trade product. East African Shea Butter has a lower melting point and is easier to lather into your skin, making it an incredible moisturizer.

Our organic, fairly traded, raw Shea Butter is extracted directly from the Shea Nut, providing your skin with all the nutrients that the Shea Nut has to offer. When you use Moyaa Shea Butter, you’re helping both yourself and the world.

Moyaa Shea Butter

Benefits of Moyaa Shea Butter

Many RMTs (registered massage therapists) use Moyaa Shea Butter in their practice because Grade A Shea contains Stigmasterol which acts like an anti-stiffness compound. Shea Butter applied to the body in a massage treatment can have benefits beyond great moisturizing qualities and provides therapeutic relief from sore, tired and overworked muscles. Moyaa Shea contains cinnamic acid which acts as an anti-inflammatory for both your skin and your sore tired muscles. When you use Moyaa infused with Organic Peppermint oil it also helps to cool and soothe the pain the inflammation causes.

Moyaa Shea Butter

Moyaa Shea Butter helps treat and prevent:

• Dry skin

• Wrinkles

• Itchiness

• Blemishes

• Uneven skin tone

• Cellulite

• Stretch marks

• Bumpy skin on the back of arms and legs

We carry the wild-harvested, raw, and cold-pressed ingredient in the form of both butter and soap as a premium and natural total body moisturizer or cleanser that nourishes and restores.

Moyaa Shea Butter

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