Shea Butter For Babies

Shea Butter For Babies

Babies skin needs nourishing & protection. Using Grade A Unrefined Organic Shea butter over synthetic baby lotions is a great choice! One of many you will make!

Why Shea Butter?

There are plenty of products on the market today that promise to deliver the best to your baby's skin.

We feel the best one to use is organic, Grade A, African Raw Shea Butter, which has been extracted with water & because of this process it is of premium quality over chemically refined grades. Unrefined Shea Butter retains most of the vitamins & antioxidants, which proves it to be excellent in skin strengthening & moisturizing.

This Shea Butter is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, which will aid in healing and prevention of the rough rashes, which usually develop due to irritation from urine and feces trapped by diapers.

Shea Butter For Babies

Grade A Shea Butter

A lot of mothers complain that commercial soaps can take away the softness of the skin & leave it unprotected. Shea Butter soaps are an excellent natural solution to bathe your baby with!

Benefits of Shea Butter for Babies

  • Shea Butter has a lot of vitamins & antioxidants which nourishes the delicate & sensitive skin of the baby.
  • Shea Butter has no chemicals unlike other creams & moisturizer.
  • Shea Butter provides skin strengthening properties which is crucial for the baby's skin development.
  • Grade A Shea Butter is extremely helpful against rashes caused by diapers.
  • Shea Butter is the natural & the best moisturizer.
  • Shea Butter can be used from infancy to adulthood to treat any kind of bruises, rashes, burns, insect bites & other form of skin issue.
Shea Butter For Babies

Shea Butter Soap


Many creams, moisturisers & soaps have unnecessary preservatives & chemicals in them. They may damage the baby's sensitive & delicate skin. Always read the ingredients and choose natural and organic to avoid harmful effects of unwanted toxins.

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Shea Butter For Babies

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