How Much Does it Cost To Create a BEP20 Token?

How Much Does it Cost To Create a BEP20 Token?

One of the very 1st questions business people, startup and organization ask when it comes to creating an BEP20 Token on Binance Smart Chain is:

How much does it cost to create BEP20 token on BSC? The truth is, the cost of creating a BEP20 token depends entirely on your budget and business goals. However, here, I'll explain you how much it will actually cost to build a BEP20 token?

How Much Does Creating a BEP20 Token Cost You?

Depending on your business needs, creating a BEP20 token can cost anywhere between $2,000-$5,000. If you require a feature-rich, custom-built BEP20 token, it can go as high as $6,000 or more. To create an BEP20 token on Binance Smart Chain, you’ll require to have a budget for the design and development & marketing.

Cost of Creating BEP20 Token

The NFT and DeFi based business models are booming and research shows that it’s been growing 3X faster than other businesses. If you’re looking to start a new crypto exchange, DeFi based business, NFT Marketplaces or non-crypto business it’s the right time to create BEP20 token on Binance Smart Chain

Developing a BEP20 token helps you improve your business around the world, 24/7. Best of all, compared to other businesses, it’s easy to create an BEP20 token without breaking your bank account.

Of course, you’ll need both a design and development team of experts to create an BEP20 token. While there are many token development companies in the market. But choosing the right one is important One. Developcoins BEP20 token development plan when you’re developing out. Developcoins is the top-notch and comprehensive token development solution provider for various token standards like ERC20, ERC721, TRC20, TRC721, BEP20 etc

Developcoins is a BEP20 token development company comes with all the set of features you’ll need to get your BEP20 token and listing on various exchanges and NFT marketplace platforms. A few benefits of Developcoins BEP20 token development plan are:

Total supply set at token creation

Get 100% ownership of generated BEP20 tokens

Custom token name, symbol, and the initial supply

No programming skills required

Verified and published smart contract source code

Industry-standard token accepted by most exchanges & more

If you want to create tokens on popular blockchain platforms, then it will cost differ from one to another. The price may go higher if you’d like to add advanced features for your custom BEP20 tokens.

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