Morse Code Generator Circuit and Its Applications

Morse Code Generator Circuit and Its Applications

Morse code is still used in modern communications like radio communication.

Morse code translator is an old and versatile way to send text messages via wireless. It usually consists of two signals or characters. The first is a dot (.) and the second is a dash (-).

This message can be sent to the receiver using these two characters. You can send "Hi Hello World" in Morse code and it will be converted to... and sent to the receiver. Electric pulses are sent through the wire and received by the receiver in the electric telegraph system invented by Samuel Morse, Joseph Henry, and Alfred Rail.

For controlling the electronic pulses, an electromagnet is used at the receiver end. Morse code was developed by Samuel Morse for encrypting messages. Later, Morse codes were sent over telegraphs. Telegraphs were a very popular means of communicating between people. Transmission of Morse code advanced from telegraphs to radios later. Morse code uses radio communication (wireless) for sending audio messages. Utilizing radio communications, salespeople also use Morse code to send the dots and dashes. They can even decode the code just by hearing the code.

Morse code is nothing but sending the message or data in an encrypted form using "and-." The receiver will receive the dots and dashes and decrypt them for other individuals to understand.

Morse Code for Alphabets, Numbers, and Special Characters:

Morse code

The table provided below is the Morse code for alphabets, numbers, and special characters:

World War I and World War II changed the usage of the Morse code: basic communication, sending messages between military platoons and headquarters. In World War 1, there was no radio communication for the Morse code, but in World War 2, the extensive use of radio communication reached into use in navies like the American navy, Canadian navy, Australian Navy, British and German navy. They used this Morse code using radiotelegraphs and sent their messages in encrypted format using Morse code. Not only the navy, but the military also used this Morse code for sending messages. World War 2 is the theatre for the countries to show their technology, communication systems, and defense mechanisms. Morse code plays a crucial role in communications.

Morse Code Generator Circuit

The circuit diagram of the Morse code generator is shown below.

Morse code

Circuit Diagram Explanation:

  • The total circuit will work on three major feature switches. They are the Timer, BCD, and 7-segment decoders. The two debouncing circuits are created and given to the two switches as shown in the circuit. One debouncing circuit is connected to the reset pin of one decoder, and another debouncing circuit is given to the reset pin of the remaining two decoders. The debouncing effect is a must in this circuit, and it plays a vital role in fast switching to send messages.
  • The lamp is connected to the circuit, which will be ON/OFF by the two switches. SW1 is used for light ON conditions and SW2 is used for light OFF conditions. When SW1 is pressed, the lamp of the circuit will turn ON and the counter connected to the switch and the BCD to seven segment decoder will count the time, which will be displayed on the seven segment display through the BCD to seven segment decoder. The remaining debounce circuit, counter, and BCD to 7 segment decoder will be in an OFF state.
  • When SW2 is pressed, the light of the lamp will be turned off, and the time for the light OFF is displayed on the seven-segment display from the counter and BCD decoder. In this condition, the first switch debounce and related circuitry will be in an F state.
  • As I said earlier, the Morse code contains only dots and dashes. The light ON period will be considered as a dot, and the light off period is considered a dash. Suppose you want to transmit the letter A. The Morse code for the letter A is „. and. That is, first we have to generate a dot by switching SW1, which will turn on the lamp, and immediately we have to switch ON SW2, which generates a dash by turning off the lamp. The time for generating a single dot should be 2 seconds. When the counter shows 2, we should immediately leave the key and switch to the next key. The time for the dash, that is, the light period is 6 seconds. The time for switching the switches from sw1 to sw2 or sw2 to sw1 should be 2 seconds. We use two 7-segment displays and a 2 digit counter for light off because the time taken by the light off condition is greater than the condition light. That is why we use two 7 segment displays.

Applications of Morse Code:

Morse Code Generator Circuit and Its Applications

Aviation: Morse code is used in the aviation field today. Previously, they are used to maintain communication between planes or flights and also in ATC (Air Traffic Control). Today, they are used for giving navigation aids to the pilots and ensuring that the stations, the pilots using are serviceable; the stations all transmit a short set of identification letters (usually a two-to five-letter version of the station name) in Morse code.

Radio: Morse code is still used in today's communications like radio communication. It is mainly used by radio operators to communicate with each other and is also used to distinguish spark transmission from radio transmission. Still, most radio amateurs use this Morse code to transmit radio.

Navy: Navy people use this Morse code to send messages to other ships. They will send a distress signal or help to other ships when they are in need. If you see the Titanic movie, you can observe that some people click one pointer to send a message. That is a Morse code signal. As the days change, they will send this distress signal in the form of audio, that audio is also in Morse code. Navy people will signal the other ship using the lights by switching ON and OFF in a coded form; that sequence of ON and OFF is also in Morse code.

Normal Applications: Morse code is still used by some people to send distress signals, extensively used in military applications, including many more aviation submarines and even government applications. I still believe – that particular day will come and again people will rely on Morse code for communication. Readers, just don‟t think that we are still using Morse code by thinking that we have got more extensive encrypted encoders and even have very strong decoders for decoding the foreign encoded signal. It is our way or duty to keep our old legacy. I believe even in using Morse code for communication.

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