Know How to Helps Smoking Shelters for Your Business?

Know How to Helps Smoking Shelters for Your Business?

With smoking shelters, you can provide outdoor ashtrays or a smokers pole to deter littering.

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More than shelters offer a number of solutions Smoke shelters for a business or organization with numerous of smokers. This solution can actually meet the needs of non-smokers and maintenance crews alike and make all groups happy. Which is not something easily accomplished in today’s society.

First of all, it’s inevitable that a certain percentage of employees or customers will enjoy smoking. Experts estimate about 20% of the adult population in the US are regular smokers.

• The big question is where are these people going to go? They certainly can’t smoke in an office, store, bar or restaurant. If they are going to be forced outside in the wind, sleet, rain and snow, wouldn’t it be nice if they had a protected place to go?

• The answer is: A smoking shelter – a simple enclosed structure with a roof and glass or Plexiglas sides. Providing any hideaway from the elements will certainly be welcomed by smokers. (These structures can also be used for bus shelters).

Smoking shelters also offer a benefit to non-smokers. Because the shelter will be a natural draw for smokers, they will not be congregating where non-smokers like to hang out. That eliminates any complaints or concerns about second-hand smoke.

• Furthermore, an entrepreneur can find the smoking safe houses in a region based on their personal preference. Along these lines they can direct scents and clamor where they need them to go on the premises and away from passageways and windows, for instance.

• This is great for restaurants, bars, shopping malls, universities or other public places where you want to control visitor traffic and destinations. No one wants a bunch of smokers hanging out at an entrance to a store or office building. Give smokers a place to hang out.

Smoking shelters can cut down on litter

With smoking shelters, you can provide outdoor ashtrays or a smokers pole to deter littering. Most smokers are responsible and will use these cigarette receptacles. Keep America Beautiful research shows the closer the trash receptacles are to people, the more likely they will be used.

This move will be appreciated by your maintenance crew. It’s one very simple way to keep your property cleaner.

Not a big deal to adding smoking shelters in any location. These all products are come in easy-to-assemble pieces. They assemble the shelters in a day with just two people.

As managing a site, if you have smokers on your property, adding the smoking shelters are best an easy decision to make this. Give a protected place to smokers to smoke and you will make several groups of people much happier. For more information, visit: