Be Careful Out There!

Be Careful Out There!

Wow Halloween is tomorrow. I just wanted to send out a message to everyone: Be Careful Out There!

If you are driving, it is important to be watching for all pedestrians. This is a good time to remind drivers that the law imposes a higher duty of care on them to be vigilant of pedestrians than it does on pedestrians to be vigilant of motor vehicles. This makes some sense from a common sense perspective as a moment of inattention for a driver can certainly cause a disproportionate amount of damage in terms of both personal injury and property damage. That’s why driver safety can be improved through the use of mental shortcuts that can be learned through the development of good driving habits. For example, it would be prudent to completely slow down your vehicle any time that you see a child near the road on the idea that there might be another child in the immediate vicinity that you have not seen and could be at an immediate risk of impacting.

If you are a pedestrian, it is important you develop good habits to protect yourself from the injury that can be caused by inadvertent momentary contact with a motor vehicle. An example of this would be to develop a habit of only ever crossing the road at an intersection/corner. Jaywalking is inherently dangerous for any number of reasons including the difficulty a pedestrian (especially a child) might have in terms of judging the time needed to safely clear an intersection or the speed of an oncoming car, the implications of an unforeseen intervening event such as slipping and falling might pose to your personal safety, the fact that your presence in the roadway might not be anticipated by drivers in the roadway and the fact that jaywalking is a bad example to children and other pedestrians. Make eye contact with any driver whose vehicle might directly cross your path (i.e. driver’s turning right or pulling in or out of driveways).

If you are trick or treating ensure your costume is visible, avoid jay walking and watch for cars! Most importantly be safe and have fun!

Lisa Morell Kelly -

Morell Kelly Professional Corporation