Fall is upon us!

Fall is upon us!

With October our two favourite causes come together. The Foodbank of Waterloo Region and KW Oktoberfest.

I am writing this in our last week of summer, Fall officially arrives on Saturday. The children are settling into their school routines and the media has stopped reminding drivers they need to stop for buses and slow down to marked speed limits in school zones.

The key thing to remember as a driver is if you see one child in or near the roadway there are likely more so it is important to slow right down even if the child you see seems to be safely out of your path because there could be another one coming who is outside your viewpoint.

The Highway Traffic Act does not treat pedestrians and drivers equally when it comes to standard of care. Pedestrians are much more vulnerable to injury and drivers with the help of their 4000 pound vehicles can easily cause injury so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that pedestrians are held to a much higher standard of care.

With October our two favourite causes come together. For a number of years Morell Kelly has been a corporate sponsor of K-W Oktoberfest so we are really looking forward to celebrating the 50th year of Oktoberfest. As this coincides with my 50th year on this planet I am really excited. October is also a very important month for the Foodbank and this year we have become a monthly sponsor of the Foodbank.

Fall is upon us!

As we are lucky enough to live in a prosperous region we should be careful that we do not overlook the poverty in our own city. The downtown areas are changing very quickly and it is becoming more apparent even when just driving through the downtown area that there are a lot of people being displaced by these changes. The complexity of the problem of homelessness has been receiving a lot of attention in the media these days which at present seems to be more focussed on the importance of providing safe injection sites. This of course being another complicated issue. The biggest question I have is if we have safe injection sites which actively supervise the injection of illegal drugs will these drugs still be illegal?

This is where the Food Bank offers a simple solution to the core program of hunger and October with Thanksgiving celebrations is a great time for us all to take a moment to consider the less fortunate around us and do what we can to help.

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