Ontario Auto Insurance Reforms

Ontario Auto Insurance Reforms

Reforms are at an absolute necessity, not for Insurance Companies or Government but for consumers.

Anyone who has been injured in a car accident and experienced firsthand the bureaucratic nightmare of trying to get your own insurer to pay for treatment that is being recommended for your recovery knows that the automobile insurance system is in desperate need of reform.

Unfortunately that is going to be something that is a lot easier said than done. How to correct the problems with the current system or if they cannot be corrected, should the whole system be rebuilt from the ground up… this is the tough question. The matter is further complicated by the sheer number of stakeholders and the unequal bargaining power they each bring to the table. Finally, at the end of the day it is the consumer, the tax payer, the claimant who is ultimately the VOTER and must endorse whatever changes to the system are being recommended by various electoral platforms.

For that purpose there are two kinds of voters: ones with firsthand experience with the current system and ones who have had the good fortune to escape suffering injuries from car accidents. Not surprisingly, one would suggest that these two types of voters would assess the risks associated with car accidents from completely different perspectives. If a personal impact of a decision is anticipated then it becomes a priority to invest the time required to carefully consider all inputs on the issue and suggested reforms.

Unfortunately, it is only a small minority of voters who have been directly involved as consumers injured in automobile accidents, who will at first blush, identify reforms in automobile insurance as an important issue that has direct consequences for the individual consumer/voter. Then even if one finds himself in that category the inputs will not be equal as the inputs will be determined by the status of the various existing stakeholders. In my opinion claimants represent a relatively small voice notwithstanding they bear the brunt of the decisions made by the majority with respect to reform. The newspapers will by and large echo the sentiments of the most powerful stakeholders, arguably the government and the insurers not the consumer.

Articles by consumer advocates such as Ken Rubin will be few and far between and should be given a lot of attention by consumers. To that end I would like to bring your attention to an article which appeared in the K-W Record and Waterloo Chronicle on Tuesday June 13, 2017 entitled "Ontario captive to insurance industry". https://www.waterloochronicle.ca/opinion-story/7368266-opinion-ontario-captive-to-industry-demands-on-insurance-rates/ . Articles like these help consumers understand why, when changes in automobile insurance are discussed, the proposal is generally to reduce the claimant's access to benefits with the sub-text being how to make those reductions so that it appears that consumers are still treated fairly and will get value for the money they pay for insurance premiums which includes having reasonable access to treatment after they have been injured in an automobile accident.

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