Need Help To Choose BitDefender anti virus 2020

Need Help To Choose BitDefender anti virus 2020

BitDefender Anti-Virus 2020 is the latest version of the Romanian Soft win security application. It was founded in 2001 and quickly became one of the main antivirus applications in the industry. It is available in 15 versions and includes several improvements in safety and functionality, such as Lookup Adviser and Performance Optimizer. And a few of the most obvious features are anti-virus, anti-phishing, rapid scan, and anti-virus protection.

BitDefender has several advantages, and online reviews show that it is one of the best antivirus programs. He was rated by the top ten reviews and gave him a gold rating, beating applications such as Kaspersky and Panda antivirus. And this isn't really surprising considering that the efficacy and functionality of Kaspersky and its increasing popularity among PC users.

Tests completed by the best evaluation laboratories, such as AV rating and virus newsletter, accelerate BitDefender very quickly. It is the only anti-virus software that has obtained 100% protection in Windows XP due to its powerful protection against viruses. In addition, it also obtained a 100% result in Windows 7, and Kaspersky received exactly the same result.

There are pros and cons related to BitDefender Antivirus Plus 2020 and You Ought to be aware of these before downloading:


1. It is available as boxed software and can be downloaded from the Internet.

2. It is a protection against viruses and phishing that other stand-alone anti-virus applications do not have.

3. This is an autopilot feature that makes security-related choices without prompting for answers.

4. You don't have to configure anything, there are no alarms or pop-ups

5. In addition, it protects against threats from social networks and tracks privacy preferences on Facebook, Twitter and other similar websites.

6. This is a free credit monitoring service in America that alerts you if it finds changes in your credit report.

7. This is a player style attribute that turns off breaks when playing or watching a movie in full-screen mode.

8. BitDefender has a notebook mode that saves battery life as soon as the notebook is disconnected.

The disadvantages:

In addition to this feature, it also has some bugs, such as BitdefenderError 1011. If you are experiencing some related issues, feel comfortable and visit us. We have an experienced team that will help you with your problems.


So as you can see, BitDefender is a nice and highly effective antivirus program and definitely among the finest on the marketplace. Additionally, it has the most tools and features and they're simple to use and configure. Their client team is available to assist you 24/7 if you encounter any problems using this program.

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