How do I get my Epson printer to print black?

How do I get my Epson printer to print black?

Epson needs no introduction. When we talk about good printers, definitely the word Epson pops up in our minds

Epson needs no introduction. When we talk about good printers, definitely the word Epson pops up in our minds. Epson is a sought-after printer brand owing to the plethora of features and versatility offered by it. Every device is susceptible to incurring some error and so are Epson printers. The issue about the Epson printer not printing black from computer is pretty common. Get to know for epson error 0x9a

If you are suffering from a similar Epson printer issue, you are in the right place. Given below are various causes of this issue and some quick fixes for it.

How do I Fix Printer not printing back Epson?

Before going ahead with the solutions. It is suggested to follow the steps given below for an effective fix of the issue.

  • Switch off the printer and remove all the cables. Plug in all the wires after halting for a couple of minutes and turn it on again.
  • Ensure there is enough paper stacked in the printer.
  • Try a demo print.
  • If the issue still exists, try adopting the below-mentioned steps.

Steps To Fix Epson Printer Won’t Print black ink

The issue with ink cartridges

If the printer is not printing, the main issue could be with the cartridges. Check the level of ink in the cartridges. If the level of ink is low, either replace the cartridges with new ones or replete the cartridge with ink.

The issue with the print head

If the ink level is adequate and there is no issue with the cartridges. There is a high probability that the print head must be clogged.

  1. If there is no automated cleansing mechanism. Simply remove the print head and using a soft surface clean the print head.
  2. If there is an automatic cleaning mechanism, simply evoke it to unclog the nozzles. Once done, try a nozzle check pattern to check if the print head has an issue.

Inaccurate source data

At times, incompatible files may not be printed. If the file isn’t designed for the printer. The colors of the document shall not be printed properly.

The issue with printer drivers

It is suggested to update the printer driver to fix any kind of issue.

How to Reset Epson Printer to Factory Settings

In the following segment we will discuss various ways to make your printer work in accurate condition. This useful guide will help you for factory reset of your printer. Here are the methods:-

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Method 1: Using the Control Panel of Your Printer

  • Firtslty, Open the Home menu on the printer Control Panel.
  • Now, Use the left and right locate buttons to open the Setup menu. Then, press the OK button.
  • Use the left and right navigation buttons to discover the Restore Default Settings option and press the OK button.
  • Likewise, use the up and down locate buttons to search the Restore Network Settings and press the OK button.
  • Lastly, Restart your printer.

Method: 2 Using the Reset Button

  • Switch off the printer using the Power button.
  • Now, Press, hold to Reset button at the back of the printer.
  • Turn on the printer but keep the Reset button pressed for at least 5-10 seconds.
  • Now, Release the Reset button after a warning page is printed.
  • Use this IP address to redesigne the printer to the system.