MoMondays Kitchener Waterloo - November 21, 2016

MoMondays Kitchener Waterloo - November 21, 2016

Are you looking for something fun, entertaining and inspiring to do on a Monday night? Check out MoMondays KW. " You meet the nicest people at Momondays."

MoMondays Kitchener Waterloo - November 21, 2016

JENN WALKER - Featured Speaker at #momondaysKW on November 21st, 2016. Get tickets now! Click here.

Why would anyone run 50 miles by choice? Seven years ago, whilst working in a Sports Medicine Clinic in London, England, Jenn was struck by the curiosity and intrigue about the wild and wacky World of UltraRunning. Being an experimental learner, she went on a journey to discover that answer for herself. In the process, she rediscovered her inner strength and the power of the lessons learned within that journey.

Jenn is a multi-passionate, world traveler, intrigued with human movement and psychology. Her daily mantra is: "Make best use of the time you have left", focusing on the present, and living life to the fullest. She's most exhilarated on the open road in her 2003 Honda Civic, affectionately referred to as "Cindi", or at the airport awaiting a flight to somewhere new.

MoMondays Kitchener Waterloo - November 21, 2016

SHERYL PLOUFFE - Featured Speaker at #momondaysKW on November 21st, 2016. Get tickets now! Click here.

Most of us reach a point in our lives where we feel like something’s missing. We wonder why we’re here and what it's all about. A few years ago, Sheryl started looking for answers. What she discovered sent her on a path of self-discovery and self-awareness.

Sheryl is the founder of VideoFastTrack. She is a National TV Broadcaster and Video Marketing Expert who helps small business owners and entrepreneurs achieve celebrity status online with simple unscripted videos. The key is to build a personal brand and forget about everything needing to be ‘perfect’. She is married with one child who keeps her hopping from the hockey rink to the ball diamond.

More about Sheryl:

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MoMondays Kitchener Waterloo - November 21, 2016

RAY GAUTHIER - Featured Speaker at #momondaysKW - November 21st, 2016. Get tickets now! Click here.

In the summer of 2015 Ray was in a motorcycle accident that, by all accounts, should have stripped him of his identity, his mobility or even his life. Fully recovered now, Ray will share his story about life being precious and fragile and how his acute awareness of the “little things” around him has changed his life forever.

Ray is one of those workaholic entrepreneurs with more failures under his belt than most people have socks in their drawers. He currently maintains “C” level roles 3 small companies serving financial services in the United States. Ray and his wife of 29 years take pride in the successes of their two adult children. Ray describes himself as being on the downhill side of living happily ever after.

More about Ray:

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MoMondays Kitchener Waterloo - November 21, 2016

STEPHANIE VAN DE VEN - Featured Speaker at #momondaysKW - November 21st, 2016. Get tickets now! Click here.

Stephanie found out, at around 5 years old, that she was adopted. Not knowing what this really meant but knowing that she always felt different from her family, was difficult to navigate. Although she had a very loving family, she struggled with anger, depression and anxiety over the years without any way of coping and dealing. Knowing what little she did about her birth Mother, but knowing that she was very young & irresponsible when she gave birth, Steph made it her silent mission to never turn out like her. It wasn't until just recently that she found her birth family AND herself- but not in the way you might expect.

Steph is a single Mama, a published children's book Author, a Kids Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness Coach and a positive fireball who brings the joy wherever she goes.

More about Stephanie:

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MoMondays Kitchener Waterloo - November 21, 2016

Melvin Murray has been a part of the music industry for over 7 years now, accomplishing his goals one at a time. Starting his career at 19 with his first tour in the U.K he quickly became a well known musician. Playing drums to stage tech for bands such as, Abandon All Ships, Highs, Three Crowns, and Walk Off The Earth. With his burning desire for success this is just a small chapter of his story.

Power through Passion is a story of struggle, failure, sacrifice, passion, love, and success in the early years of a young musician's career. This is a deeper look at a dream worth fighting for, a dream that has not yet fully flourished. From the rise to success, to a plummeting fall. From the van to the tour bus, and back to the Van. From the loss of relationships, to the witness of true love and sacrifice. From the beginning of the war to the on going battle. The one thing that keeps the young artist going is the power through passion and a dream worth fighting for.

Doug is a high school counselor, teacher and coach and a lover of hiking, running and watching sporting events.

MoMondays Kitchener Waterloo - November 21, 2016

Sandra is an elementary teacher and lover of hiking, walking and a good book.

They are proud parents of two amazing young men, Jacob and Trevor.

The Ranton's speak about their experience with the loss of their son over a Christmas Holiday.  They share their learning of needing to remember that there is always someone there to help, no matter what you are going through. There is always someone you can turn to and reach out to. And it is okay to not be okay.

Our Musical Guest is the Lovely Pipper Hayes