Who's going to momondays, November 20th, 2017?

Who's going to momondays, November 20th, 2017?

Get inspired, have fun, meet new people. Momondays is where you meet the nicest people. Join us for speakers, stories, entertainment, and prizes.

Here is the October 16th speaker lineup for momondays. To purchase tickets, click here:

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kelly donavan

Kelly Donovan joined policing because she believed it was a noble profession and her integrity would lend itself to a successful career. About 5 years into her career she began to suspect inconsistencies and unethical conduct by senior investigators at her service. Kelly conducted extensive research and isolated several incidents of unfairness, unlawfulness and borderline corruption. Kelly addressed her police service board with the issues and shortly after became the subject of the very corrupt internal investigation system she had attempted to expose. She has since left policing to teach corporations and government agencies about ethics and fair and safe workplaces.


melissa maloney

Melissa Maloney lost her mom at a young age, and was forced to move into the home of her alcoholic and abusive father who she didn't know well. She went on the defensive against her dad from a very young age. Part of this meant moving out of the family home at 14 years old. She worked full time, graduated high school as an honour student and put herself through college. All of this was to prove that she could be better than her past and would not be a victim of her circumstances. Years later Melissa was diagnosed with PTSD and it changed her life forever. Owning the diagnosis and using it not as an embarrassment but instead as an opportunity to help others she now leads people to happiness.

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peter wright

A casualty of a political campaign to force Zimbabwean commercial farmers off their farms, Peter Wright was subjected to 3 years of intimidation, death threats and theft of his crops and equipment. In November 2002, he was arrested, interrogated for 5 hours and thrown in an overcrowded, dirty police cell. Peter’s story is about those days in the police cell, being dragged into a kangaroo court and prevented from ever seeing his home again.


toby hana lucas

Toby Hana Lucas travelled the world but the most important journey she took was the one that connected her back to her body. After being diagnosed with Endometriosis and not settling to be on pain medication for life, Toby began the deep dive of healing.


Who's going to momondays, November 20th, 2017?

At 34 years old, Angie da Rosa found herself in a predicament. Should she go back to the only career she’d ever known for the past 16 years, or drop it all for something better? Angie didn’t know what this ‘something’ was, but she knew there had to be something better for her and her infant daughter. Naturally, she did what any responsible, self-respecting new mom would do. She left her corporate career of 16 years without a plan, or savings in pursuit of a better life, a life she had no idea existed.

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