Momondays, September 18, 2017

Momondays, September 18, 2017

Get inspired, have fun, meet new people. Momondays is where you meet the nicest people. Join us for speakers, stories, entertainment, and prizes.

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Jason MacKenzie

jason mackenzie

Jason is a husband and father first. He's an author, speaker and coach. He also runs an international community for men called Mental Health Warriors and is the host of a popular podcast with the same name.

During his wife's illness, and after her suicide, Jason drowned his grief and sadness in alcohol. He thought he had to hide the mistakes he had made or else be judged a failure. His goal was to move on with life, appear strong and make sure that no one, including himself, knew how badly he was struggling.

Dave Derraugh

dave derraugh

Dave is a kind and gentle man that works around the challenges his special needs daughter Cristina has. His empathy, understanding, love and strength that centres on life's challenges can and does build strong relationships and trust. Dave believes that working on relationships is vital and key in life.  It should be the main focus because deep bonds and sincere, deep rooted connections are important and necessary, today more then ever.

Kathryn O’Brien

kathryn o'brien, momondays

After many years of trying to be the "perfect" everything. . . of trying to only live in the light Kathryn has come to realize that by getting to know the dark side of herself she can step into her strengths and finally be the complete person she is meant to be.

Darkness is meant to be a part of who we are, for without it we cannot recognize the light.

Momondays, September 18, 2017

Darcy Patrick

darcy patrick, momondays

For 25 or more years Darcy was a professional bass player playing in many types of bands, teaching and making a living from music. At the same time, he was also working full time in a music store doing repairs to guitars and bass. In 2013 the perfect storm happened in his life and pushed him over the edge. Darcy had suffered for over 38 years from depression and had to make a call. That call changed his life.

Pauline Duncan-Thrasher

pauline duncan-thrasher

Pauline was polite with the nuns who raised her and obedient to her loving helicopter mother following high school graduation . Co-dependency and depression affected mother and daughter. Tragedy altered both lives. Pauline gradually discovered confidence through her affiliation with Toastmasters and the help of trusted mentors. From depression through transformation emerged “Positively Pauline".

Brandon Priebe

brandon priebe

Brandon is a Guelph musician who can often be found playing at a campfire somewhere north of Barrie. Only knowing a handful of chords has unlocked a world of tunes, new and old. His original work is melody rich for a deep voice, folk with 2 tbsp. of soul, and features songs about our being home and being on the road.

Momondays, September 18, 2017