Momondays Kitchener-Waterloo May 15, 2017!

Momondays Kitchener-Waterloo May 15, 2017!

Get inspired, have fun, meet new people. Momondays is where you meet the nicest people. Join us for speakers, stories, entertainment and prizes.

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Theresa Syms, momondays

Teresa Syms

Teresa Syms learned early on not to depend on anyone. Born crippled into a dysfunctional, abusive family, she found life unbearable. After an attempted suicide in her teens, Teresa thought marriage was her escape. It wasn't. At 43 she made a massive life change. She went to college, married a great man and landed her dream job. Eight months later she faced death head on. Now at 56, Teresa has healed her past through writing and motivates other people to break the cycle of abuse.

Teresa is an Author & Empowering Coach. Facing death twice, Teresa heard the words, “You’re Not Finished Here Yet.” Now armed with understanding from a life time of abuse and trauma, Teresa empowers women to break their silence and step into a life of strength and courage. She is living proof that through courage, determination and a strong belief, you can give yourself a brilliant future.

For more information about Teresa Syms, you may visit her website here.

Momondays Kitchener-Waterloo May 15, 2017! Annette Parker, momondays

Annette Parker

Annette was born and raised in the KW area. Her journey in life has provided many experiences and what some may call, adventures. She has felt that sometimes, life has given her the short end of the stick. Born to immigrant parents, who worked hard to provide for their family, Annette always felt there was something different about her. She always tried to fit in, but never felt “part of”. In 1994, the job she thought that she would work at until late in life, was gone. What was she to do now? Her entire life changed that frightful morning in March of 1994.

Annette is a Holistic Practitioner and owner of Subtle Energies. She is a registered reflexologist, licensed Spiritual Healer, certified Sound Coach, NLP practitioner and Reiki Master/Energy Worker. She is a proud mother of two teenage sons and loves cats. She enjoys walking near water, preferably not puddles, and spending time in nature.

For more information on Annette Parker, you may visit her website here.

penny jamieson, momondays

Penny Jamieson

Penny Jamieson has seen devastation first hand from Hurricane Katrina in 2005. When she arrived in Youngsville, La. with her husband, George in a transport truck from Canada, the head volunteer greeted them with tears of joy. While watching the 53' trailer being unloaded with donations, the volunteers were happy to see what others could do to help them in their time of need. They were amazed at how everything was organized for them just to hand out to the people recovering from Hurricane Katrina. This journey for Penny was just in the making.

We all watched the devastation that Hurricane Katrina left behind in New Orleans and Penny just knew she would be on a mission to help our neighbours. Her journey took 6 weeks to complete by collecting items from clothes to cleaning supplies, sorting, labeling, packaging and even delivering to Youngesville, La. Little did she know, from that experience that her real journey would begin.

For more information on the Power of Hope, you may visit their website here.

Tom Cunningham, momondays

Tom Cunningham

Tom too tall Cunningham was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of 5. Since then, he has had 4 hips, 4 knees and 2 shoulders replaced and been hospitalized about 40 times. He lives with aches and pain in various parts of his body 24/7 and has for 48 years. He also has range of motion restrictions, or just plain fused joints, throughout his body.

Despite his physical challenge, Tom always answers AMAZING when asked how he is doing. He tells people that 80% of the time it is true and the other 20% of the time it is to remind himself that it is true.

Tom too tall Cunningham’s definite purpose is to encourage and inspire people to live positively with and through life’s obstacles and adversities. He does that as a Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructor, Founder of Journey To Success Radio, and creator of the Amazon International Bestselling Journeys To Success book series and 3 Napoleon Hill Instructors & Students books.

For more information about Tom Cunningham, you may visit his website here.

Momondays Kitchener-Waterloo May 15, 2017! Karen Toth, momondays

Karen Toth

Karen Toth went from being overwhelmed and stressed leaving home with 3 boys to traveling to many different countries in the world, meeting many people of different cultures and enjoyed the learning.

Karen is the creator of Healthy Body Moves. For her 'day job' she uses neuro movement (R) connecting body, mind and spirit, to children of all ages from 0 to 100, creating a flow of movement, balance, brain function and posture to create more possibilities in their lives. Karen has been blessed to travel a lot for work. She is a single mother of 3 boys and 1 granddaughter.

For more information about Karen Toth, you may visit her website here.

Renate Donnovan, momondays

Renate Donnovan

Renate has worked with a variety of amazing and unusual clients. Each one of them has taught her powerful lessons about life, relationships, and how to create joy. Few, have had the lasting impact of Karen. Karen was a hoarder, but little did Renate know that in addition to piles of stuff, Karen also came with piles of lessons.

Warning!! Renate Donnovan is passionately enthusiastic about hypnotherapy and coaching—so if you ask her, she will talk to you about them (sometimes for hours)! She is an educator, transformational coach, counselling hypnotist and master neurolinguistic programming practitioner. Renate specializes in supporting individuals recovering from past traumas, anxiety, depression, and stress.

For more information about Renate Donnovan, you may visit her website here.

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Momondays Kitchener-Waterloo May 15, 2017!