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MICHAEL HECKTUS ~ Featured Speaker at #momondays - March 20th, 2017. Get tickets now at

Mike is the perfect example that you can create the life you want to live. A High School dropout who has created and built a multi million dollar marketing and consulting company by building strong and lasting relationships and putting others first. Through his journey of incredible highs and the devastating lows he is now living a rich and abundant life by inspiring others to leave their ego at the door. To face their fears and live the life they were meant to live.

His motto is that You are unique! You were meant for greatness. Find your passion and don't worry about what others think. Don't live the life others think you should live.  Live the life that gets you out of bed everyday filled with excitement and the love of who you are and the journey you have created.

Mike has been married to his beautiful wife Vicki for 37 years. He has 2 amazing daughters who have followed his entrepreneurial mindset and a gorgeous granddaughter. He is an entrepreneur with many successful businesses. A former junior hockey coach, a beat selling author and now an advocate for health and wellness and a full time student of personal development.

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STEPHANIE BIRT - Featured Speaker at #momondaysKW - March 20th, 2017. Get tickets now -

There are "SMASH you in the face, did not see it coming, what just happened" events that the universe crashes down on us. These are the moments that change our lives forever. It was in one of those times that Stephanie found her purpose & her why. At the age of 4, she started out on the painful journey of depression. Her SMASH MOMENT happened on a roller coaster when it hit her, for the first time in her life, she was afraid to die. She finally realized that she had a purpose & she wanted to fulfill it.

She believes that your past experiences do not have to define your future. She looks for the positive in everything. She also feels that everything that happens to us is a result of the energy that we are projecting. People say negativity breeds negativity; and the opposite is also true, positivity breeds positivity.

Stephanie is the Founder, Owner & chief conceptualizer of Blue Ocean Office Supplies and the Million Dollar Donation Voyage. Stephanie has the helm of the vessel and is charting the most innovative and exciting strategy to be given to fundraisers in years.

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PENNY NORKETT ~ Featured Speaker at #momondaysKW - March 20th, 2017. Get tickets now -

Living a parent's nightmare, Penny's son became so ill he had to drop out of High School. Health issues from birth escalated to the point until daily chronic migraines ruled their household. Specialist to specialist, symptom-to-symptom, life was scheduled around appointments. Five years later, an off chance encounter began a series of referrals until finally a solution was found.

Penny has learned to continue to follow her heart and intuition. She realized that 'professionals' do not have all the answers and it is very important to take charge of your own healing journey and not rely on others to provide you with the correct solution.

Penny is a Personal Empowerment Coach & Success Strategist. She assists professional women to quickly move through emotional blocks to skyrocket their success. With published articles in esteemed sites such as the Huffington Post, Simply Woman and the Mompreneur, she is co-author of the #1 international bestselling book “100 Voices of Inspiration, Awakening, and Empowerment”.

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Penny Norkett


MICHAEL GREGSON ~ Featured Speaker at #momondaysKW - March 20th, 2017. Get tickets now -

Michael is the co-founder and "Managing Director" of Warm Hearts of Africa, a small, grassroots not for profit entity which builds sustainable projects in Malawi, Africa through Canadian fundraising. During the day, Michael works for Abbvie Canada in the field of patient support program development. He has a beautiful new wife, Harriet, and a cuddly two year old bulldog named Bo.

Over a decade ago, Michael found himself in Malawi, Africa on what was meant to be nothing more than a 3 week working mandate delivering HIV awareness education. Little did he know that an experience he thought would bring him the answers to the incomprehensible nature of life, would actually teach him that there are actually more important questions.

Michael’s first excursion to this tiny, economically impoverished nation at the edge of the world was designed to ground him, to mold him, to show him how to connect to his inner self…or something like that.

When he arrived, things went more or less as planned. He connected with the people, he worked at understanding the culture and discovered a simplistic beauty he had never before experienced. It made him feel good. It made him feel open. It made him feel worldly. Then something happened. Michael started to stop thinking with-in and focus with-out. He became receptive to not only thinking how he was benefiting from the experience, but on whether or not he was actually affecting positive change.

The adjustment in reality began to change the way he looked at this environment. He was no longer teaching or just doing a job. He was trying to make and impact and was growing increasingly frustrated at the diminishing amount of time that he was given to do it. The days were winding down and although he felt that he was making a short term difference, he had no clue about how to truly affect change.

Then one day, after visiting an HIV patient in a rural village, an old woman came up to him and was pleading with him in Chichewa, a language he did not understand. He had no idea how to fix the problem and began feeling helpless. It was at that point, that a 21 year old volunteer he had been working with, saw the look of helplessness on his face and took him aside saying, “I know you are overwhelmed, but you have to understand that people see you, see what you are doing, and you give them hope.” There, at that moment, he changed.