MoMondays Kitchener-Waterloo January 16, 2017

MoMondays Kitchener-Waterloo January 16, 2017

You meet the nicest people at "momondays" A night of entertainment, fun, laughter and schmoozing.;loo

MoMondays Kitchener-Waterloo January 16, 2017

Craig tried out for the Blue Jays. He dreamed and failed big. Living a wild roller coaster of life, he got caught staring at the negativity. Losing belief in himself, he was close to suicide. Remembering a word he had once heard: WYLIWYG™, he relearned how to focus. Craig is now rocking his life as a musician, public speaker and a published author with his book, "So, You Just Want To Be A Rock Star".

MoMondays Kitchener-Waterloo January 16, 2017

Lisa had many tumultuous experiences throughout her young life. She tried to cope by self medicating which worked for a while but she got to a point where even alcohol wasn’t taking away the pain anymore. She was at a significant crossroads. Lisa knew if she continued the life she was leading she would end up dead. She also knew that she couldn’t die because it would add even more pain and trauma to her loved ones lives and they had already endured too much. She was lost and no longer knew what to do. In exasperation she cried out and begged for help from God. After her pleading she went to bed exhausted. In the morning she got her answer clear as day about what she had to do. Although it was the hardest thing she had ever faced she followed the instructions. Lisa took action and was led down a path of detoxification, healing and spiritual awakening. A whole new beautiful, joyous world opened up for her with the realization that there is always guidance available to us and we are never alone.

MoMondays Kitchener-Waterloo January 16, 2017

Spencer Wright grew up in a small town where they struggled to fit in as a teenager. At 16 they told their friends and family they were gay. Although this wouldn't be the last time they would come out to their peers.

MoMondays Kitchener-Waterloo January 16, 2017

At age 5 Helen lost her brother on her birthday.  That one day changed her entire life for the next 45 years. Every thought, every action, every dream, the way she raised her kids, the way she acted socially, even the way she breathed.

MoMondays Kitchener-Waterloo January 16, 2017

Sarah says she will never forget yelling and screaming while being dragged by her arm, through a muddy field, by her brother to that waiting police car. Never. Some things just stick with you.

This pivotal moment in Sarah’s life changed everything. She believes that it was a God moment, or a Higher Power moment; and it was The Universe reaching out to her because finally she had had enough. Because that day was the day she was going to do something that would have broken her forever. Sarah believes that everyone has limits to what they will or won’t do, and when you decide to break that limit you will be broken too.

Sarah grew up in Windsor with her younger sister and brother. Her mom was a stay at home mom and her dad was a doctor. They had a wonderful life filled with love, laughter, vacations, restaurants, and happiness. Her family had everything they needed and pretty much were able to have anything they wanted. It was a privileged life. She is not really sure why but she started using drugs at an early age, but she did. Regardless she was in the first year to be able to graduate high school in 4 years, which she did. During high school she was a competitive swimmer and city champion and as well she won at the OFSSA competition. Sarah went on to University and graduated in 2.5 years, then did a post baccalaureate and teachers college, all the while using drugs on an almost daily occurrence.

She returned to Windsor, purchased a home, and was hired by the school board. The kids loved her and she enjoyed teaching at first. But she was using and abusing drugs daily and eventually it caught up with her.

Sarah maintained this lifestyle until meeting Mr. Wrong who was conveniently disguised as Mr. Right. Drug use escalated, erratic behaviour was the norm. Teaching was a disaster…. Her life was spiraling and yet she didn’t recognize that it was a problem. Soon the abuse started…. sexually degraded, abused physically and mentally, and then Sarah married him.

Less than 2 months into the marriage Sarah ended up in the hospital battered and broken. Taken to the psych ward, then later sent to a treatment facility she appeared to be turning her life around. It was here that she met the man she who would become her husband 8 years later!!

After the initial treatment facility Sarah went to South Africa for 5 months to stay at a recovery home. When she returned to Canada she began using again. But this time she got involved with some scary people and ended up arrested. Then she was arrested again. And again. She saw things that she will never forget.

With a warrant for her arrest she found herself on the run with no money and a desperate need to get high. Calling everyone for money Sarah eventually reached out to someone that offered her money to prostitute herself. She had never done that before as it was her limit. But that day she was desperate and decided to do it. One hour before she was to meet this person her brother called and said he would give her money. She was thrilled and went to meet him….but when she saw the look in his eyes she turned and tried to run..he caught her, dragged her, and literally gave her to the police.

But truthfully, Sarah believes that he saved her. She would have died inside that night had she gone against her limits.

She ended up in jail for 7 weeks. It was there that she found something inside that motivated her to change. She entered recovery on her own and has never looked back.

Life today is very different for Sarah….remember that man she met in that first treatment center? Well, she married him. They have two amazing children and they have a fabulous relationship. Working from home Sarah has a successful network marketing business and is on her way to retiring her husband. Life is bright!

MoMondays Kitchener-Waterloo January 16, 2017

Tanya always knew she wanted to be a foreign correspondent, traveling the world to cover global news events. She was the epitome of a "news junkie." Fast forward 22 years, and Tanya realized her vocation as a broadcast journalist had become nothing more than a vehicle to perpetuate fear and doubt with corporate and political agendas that were in conflict with her conscience. She made a bold decision to leave a career that had defined her for what had been her entire adult life at that time. She knew from her extensive experience that there were far more good people in the world than bad, and far more good things happening in the world than bad... but most people were only hearing the negative news. Tanya founded The Good News Only in 2010 as a resource for people to watch, read, and hear about GOOD people doing GOOD things :)

Mikalyn is a unique artist, old soul and world weary and yet so young and fresh. She comes at every song with a deep sense of herself as an artist with an alternative view of what is cool and classic in the same breath.