MoMondays Kitchener Waterloo - December 19, 2016

MoMondays Kitchener Waterloo - December 19, 2016

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MoMondays Kitchener Waterloo - December 19, 2016

Rick Petry is a speaker, consultant, Ultimate Success Coach and self-described neuroscience nerd. He loves helping people explore the way they see their world, and invites you to ask yourself 3 questions: If I could experience my world from another perspective, would I show up in my world differently and create different results? If you answered: “yes,” then you’re going to enjoy Rick’s story.  He was hand picked by Jack Canfield to be a trainer of his program and share the stage with him.

At over 85, because of osteoporosis, suffering a broken hip could be the beginning of the end for some people. Learning to walk again and the excruciating pain of rehabbing a broken hip may simply be more than most choose to bear. That wasn’t the case for his mother. Instead of being the beginning of the end, his mother's broken hip signaled the beginning of one the most incredible journeys of his life.

MoMondays Kitchener Waterloo - December 19, 2016

Diane is a Personal Development Lifecoach and a mother of 2 amazing teenagers. Her formal education is no match to what she has learned from raising her kids, claiming “they have taught her everything she knows”

A story teller and an advocate of personal growth, she has dedicated her life to helping others discover their whiteboard messages and ultimately finding their voice from within.

Raised in a home where she learned to believe that in order to survive in life she had to fight for everything she wanted and that she was to trust no one but herself ~ Diane tells her story about the messages she accumulated on her “Whiteboard of Life” and how those messages governed her every thought and every move, creating a life where she was in constant pursuit of happiness.

The trauma her parents endured while living in their communistic country, created their belief system, which they in turn used when parenting Diane and her brother. It is those messages that were engrained in her at a subconscious level and the words she ultimately lived by.

Her messages were to trust no one and so she learned at a very young age how to disengage herself emotionally. Craving her fathers love and her mothers attention she found herself unworthy and living a life with no purpose. What she didn’t realize at the time is that it was her behaviour and belief system that ultimately created her scenario, which in fact created the life she was living. It was when she stepped out of her paradigm, erased all the messages on her “whiteboard” and changed her beliefs about people and relationships that she was finally free to live the life she had always imagined living.

MoMondays Kitchener Waterloo - December 19, 2016

Katherine Bourget, MA, is a graduate of the Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy program at Wilfrid Laurier University. After a decade long career in business and finance, a mid-life re-evaluation occurred prompting her to pursue a different path. This journey led her to the therapist’s chair, first as a client and then as a practitioner in her counselling practice, BeYourOwnSage.

After years of living in a "chaotic" home, Katherine was removed from her mother at the age of eight by the Children's Aid Society. Initially promised that it would only be temporary, within a year her mother signed over her parental rights. For the next eight years she would live in foster homes, group homes, institutions and the streets before being granted special permission to move out on her own at age 16.

MoMondays Kitchener Waterloo - December 19, 2016

Daniel James Bax – Author, Trauma Recovery Coach & Public Speaker

Daniel lives in service to people who desire to step beyond their limiting circumstances and into a life that fosters their Endless Potential, while nurturing their health and well-being.

Daniel is Chief facilitator in developing a Sustainable, Renewable, Wellness Community, with his primary focus being brain injury.

In 2005 Daniel collided with a van @ 140 km/hr while on a motorcycle. He blew through the back window head first, partially decapitated as momentum tore him out. He was launched 30 ft in the air & down the road.

The impact paralyzed his left side, snapped his head back, fractured his neck & back, and smashing his brain.

This left him temporarily blind, deaf, muted, fully paralyzed on his left side & completely erased his brain.

MoMondays Kitchener Waterloo - December 19, 2016

Karen Egoff is an internationally respected Reiki Master, Teacher and Practitioner. Cranial-Sacral Practitioner, and Yoga teacher for 25 years. She is a dedicated lady, with much to offer in group mindful workshops to personal one one one. She is a supportive lady who believes in natural ways to connect one back to well being. Karen enjoys time outdoors and is a humanitarian.

Karen and her daughter one December were in Cuba where her daughter gave out many gifts to the local children.  When one child asked her daughter to wait, he had something to give her, and ran away...asking for her to wait for his return. He came back with a gift, she treasured this, for years to come.

The joy of giving.

MoMondays Kitchener Waterloo - December 19, 2016

Originally from Sudbury, Andrea Kiff has lived in Kitchener-Waterloo since 1998. In the 18 years that followed, many changes and challenges have presented themselves - Andrea started a business and sponsored her husband’s immigration from England. Nothing prepared her for the biggest challenge, which greatly affected her health. When the unexpected happens, you somehow need to be ready.

On an April day in 2014, everything in Andrea’s life changed. It was a very scary moment, probably the scariest moment she has ever experienced. When your health is out of your control, your life really does flash before your eyes. Her body was betraying her, and she was prepared to fight. Her perspective on life changed. Her purpose in life changed too. With a different attitude and a renewed zest for life, her story is unlike any other. Join Andrea on her journey and learn to appreciate the little things in life, one moment at a time!

Jessie T is an singer/songwriter whose unique voice & songwriting perspective has won her multiple singing & songwriting competitions in Southern Ontario, most notably placing first in the KIX 106.7 Songwriting Competition (Waterloo). Working alongside producer J.Richard Hutt, her debut FACTOR funded album, ‘Reckless Heart’, was released September 23rd, 2016. For more details visit