Spring Fashion by Mirella

Spring Fashion by Mirella

We are always trying to stay on top of fashion. Every year there seems to be something new.

With Fashion Weeks behind us, and the worlds fashion experts providing their opinions for 2017, here are a few common themes we have found.

Horizontal Could Be Back

With new and multiple colours, horizontal and vertical stripes may be back for 2017. Of course, not necessarily in prom or formal wear, but keep an eye out this year for a touch of the 60s and 80s to come back in style.

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Frank Lyman Collection At Mirella's

Back In Pink

Fashion Week also seemed to have an increasingly bold pink look. It seems that the rules are out the window in 2017 fashion where not only colours are bold but the flair of the design is also eye catching. This year, the cat walks of Paris hinted, at wait for it... Fushia.

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Jump Jump

Jump suits with real style could make a return in 2017

Big Bags

Looking to carry more?  This year big bags, could be bigger than ever.  Whatever you may want to carry, it's looking like you could have some great choice.

Mirella's has a wide variety of dresses for formal and informal.

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