Tips For A Successful Prom

Tips For A Successful Prom

Not all of these tips are set in stone, but consider when you are going out for the big night, that being comfortable often matters.

Tip #1 Think Tears

Where waterproof mascara.  The prom can have illicit many tears, so be prepared. Eyes tonight are going to be the focus.

Tip #2 Higher and Higher be careful

High Heels are in.  Yes.  Make sure you take the time to practice if you are new to the heels.  If your prom has some dancing, all the more reason to be high heel ready.

And, did we mention comfort. Yes, you want to make the grand entrance, but you also want to be able to enjoy the entire night.  Sure it's acceptable to carry your shoes at 11, but at 7pm, you might be pushing it.

Tip #3 Buy the Dress First

Remember, the feature is the dress.  The accessories are the accents, be it the shoes or a belt or the jewelry buy the dress first will ensure you don't get caught going backward.

Tip #4 Match the Suit

This is a fine balance.  On one hand your date has got to look good and stand out, on the other, hand, remember that the dress is the feature of the evening.  So matching the suit with the dress should also help you have a few compliments as a couple.

Tip#5 It's Prom

Sure there might be pressures for the perfect evening, but like any event, when you get a few hundred people in the room, things are bound to happen.  So ass they say, expect the unexpected.  Maybe something will spill.  Maybe someone will fall.  Try to remember, that even these events are all part of a successful prom.  Enjoy!


Tip #6 Be Grateful it's not the 80s (No Mullets)

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