Buy Online Motorola Z4 Phone Parts In The USA

Buy Online Motorola Z4 Phone Parts In The USA

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So I've already covered two of moderators three new edge 20 flagship phone parts here on expert and this is the final one the cheapest of the bunch the mortal edge 20 light will cost you just 300 quid here in blighty so that's less than half the price of that pro model and yet the moto edge 20 light still bought some pretty solid specs and the biggest battery of the trio as well so is it actually one of the best budget smartphones of 2021 well let's whip it on out of the box take you on a full-on tour of that hardware and that software.

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And for more on the latest a great steak please do plug subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers so what do you get bund in here besides the moto edge 20 light you've got your 30 watt Motorola adapter tasty you've got a bit of type c sub action of usual manual and safety guide shenanigans and yes you do get a bundled condom case with the moto edge 20 light as well which comes pre-wrapped so let's just uh pry's that one on our force on there nice and tight so there we have the moto edge 20 light and it's raw naked glory and it's got a very similar sort of design to the rest of the moto edge 20 setup but it is a more basic cost save and finish here on the light model because you've got plastic on the back and also all around the frame as well and yeah the moto edge 20 light is a little bit chunkier than the standard very skinny moto edge 20 but only by a little bit.

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Still reasonably slender do of course get that slightly jutting camera chassis though still poking out that back end it is once again a matte finish here on this back end though so hopefully should prove reasonably resistant to scuffs and greasy fingerprints and it is of course that lovely dark blue hue same as the rest of the family and there's one design element here on the light model that you don't get on the rest of the moto age 20 family and that is an actual headphone jack down below hip hip hazard so that is a very worthy welcome return unlike the other moto edge 20 handsets it's an absolute Godzilla of a cell phone repair parts it's 6.7 inches proper hand filler still feels comfortable to clutch thanks to the rounded back end and those corners and everything but you'll want to be getting to grips with it with two hands just to be on the sea side you once again have that ip52 water repellent design as well so not a problem if the moto edge 20 light gets showered in liquids shall we say as long as it isn't actually fully submerged okay we got that Motorola edge 20 light all set up let's just check out the state of the sim tray and this right here is better news than what we got with the original model edge 20 and the edge 20 pro as well because not only have you got space for two sim cards but alternatively you can use that second slot to bung in a micro SD memory card to expand the onboard storage.

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