Buy Moto G60 Cell Phone Repair Parts USA

Buy Moto G60 Cell Phone Repair Parts USA

MPD Mobile Parts & Device is Motorola Authorized cell phone repair parts Distributor with a mission to connect our clients with high-quality, certified Mobile.

In this article we'll be doing the full review for this moto g60 phone parts and guys uh uh this is very similar to even the moto g40 fusion the only difference is the rear camera setup on the moto g40 fusion is different this has a 108-megapixel main camera that has a 64. and uh the fusion does not have NFC this has the NFC apart from that it's exactly the same smartphone so even if you're looking for the review of the moto g 40 fusion uh this is the article for you the only difference will be in the camera performance so let's have a closer look at this one and guys I won't get into the physical aspects and other aspects of this device I’ve already covered all those aspects in the unboxing article so just watch that for more info I’ll leave the link in the description so let's quickly divide this between the pros and cons.

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MPD Mobile Parts & Device is Motorola Authorized cell phone repair parts Distributor with a mission to connect our clients with high-quality, certified OEM Mobile Phone Parts and Accessories for Cell Phone repair. We deal in Motorola, Samsung, LG, Google Pixel, Huawei, and more.

What did i like while using this phone and what are the things that i did not like let's start with the pros and then we'll move to the cons and the first thing is again this is a big phone this is a 6.8 inch screen that they have so if you like those big screen phones you like this phone and i'm glad that motorola now went with the 120 hertz display on this smartphone uh because generally motorola uh is not that progressive in adapting higher refresh rates and stuff so this is having that 120 hertz and i did all my testing actually in that 120 hertz if you go to the display uh here you can actually set it to that 120 hertz as you can see so i did all my testing on this one and the battery results that you'll be seeing uh will be on that 120 hertz and it makes an effort a difference in the ui guys it's a little bit much smoother to move around uh even in twitter timeline and stuff but it's not fully optimized i'll talk about it i i feel it can be further optimized uh moving to the processor uh this is having the snapdragon 732 uh soc and even g40 is the same uh guys i'll leave the specs list here so that you can get a better idea and i would say it handles this smartphone very well.

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One thing that i really like about motorola smartphones phone lcd parts and this is becoming a rarity in mid-range smartphones is the clean ui if you notice this is almost stock android experience that you are getting apart from that some motorola additions for example that chop chop like this gestures that we have and all those things and you can customize it it has that moto display so some useful stuff no junk no ads or nothing so this is if you are looking for a mid-range smartphone and always wanted that stock like experience on the pixel devices this is the one that you'll get for the cheapest no ads nothing that i have noticed so very clean layout that you are having uh again as you can see they have added some flavors like as i've told you that motorola stuff and also they added a game mode this is something new that's not in the stack android but they even added a game mode so when you invoke a game you have that but again that doesn't deter it from the stock ui experience so that way your pure stock android experience that you're getting.

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