Best Quality Cell Phone Motorola Mobile Parts USA

Best Quality Cell Phone Motorola Mobile Parts USA

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What happened was that there was like some kind of recording crew cell phone parts right here outside the building and they had the scaffolds out with the lights and everything but there must have been like shooting like some kind of movie outside of here but it was pretty crazy the 60 frame per second per second 1080 camera was actually looking really good you know I was actually able to get some really good angles with this thing with the front and rear so like no matter what and this was like the 4k footage as well which was really nuts and it looked tell me what you guys think about that I definitely think it looked pretty good but we're all the color science that the motor roll that one p30 play used was actually pretty decent it was pretty accurate and true to life as you can see there the perspectives and different depths of view was actually pretty cool and I was just kind of playing around with that.

These couple of images as you can see right here you know just a really a nice warm you know like winter day and everything like that like in the middle of February so honestly, it was like a perfect time to like get some really good photography and cinematography too but honestly, that portrait mode was really good it didn't blow out the background too much but even in a night time it definitely did it did a good job as well too with the rear camera this camera did offer a lot of different things to play around with as well as 32 times zoom which you can see right here and just a ton of different features like you know slow-motion time-lapse you know like panorama different features like portrait split color cinema graph and some other differences you can mess around with as well but overall this thing came fully loaded for a budget device that you were using for a hundred two hundred dollars.

Uh you couldn't ask for anything more mobile parts and if you did then you're pretty much like pushing it because like phones that the the prepaid carriers you is don't still haven't came out with a phone with a 4k on camera but this thing is actually able to record in 4k and 60 frames a second which I haven't seen on a prepaid carrier for a budget phone either so honestly this thing is definitely doing the thing it does have a 1080 I'm sorry 720 display which is probably the one thing that it's uh compromising with but honestly those colors and everything that it did have to offer I didn't really complain with because it was actually wrong pretty good now the only thing that I can say is this thing does go in between like the 4G LTE it does app that to offer um sometimes it can go down into the like the 4G which is weird but it's still pretty cool because you don't really like notice like any difference with the speed or anything like that but you are getting a variety of options to choose from if you were to use the cameras with this thing you can see that it's giving you um a ton of different modes to play around with.