How To Use Mini GPS Tracker

How To Use Mini GPS Tracker

Let's learn about Mini GPS Tracker Or Messenger Tracker Uses and it's Benefits.

Well i had the opportunity to talk to my good friends at the ford dealership in tampa florida and i guess there's something going on there is somebody copying keys down at the port they're taking these cars they're stealing cars straight off the lot luxury suvs are a big target they're putting them on crates and they're moving them off to africa yeah they're stealing cars all out of the u.s it's a big deal right now so the folks at the dealerships trust one company they trust one type of product and this is a Mini GPS Tracker and it's pretty amazing you can put this under the car maybe in the um gas filter tank hide it away it's magnetic and it's gps that will tell you the exact location of your car on top of that it'll put a perimeter around your car so imagine this you own a fleet of vehicles you have a personal vehicle whatever it is it'll tell you when this car drives off it's pretty amazing and you can track multiple cars on your phone multiple vehicles so an entire fleet of vehicles you can track and know what's going on so we're going to test it.

Out right about now stick around and i'm going to give you a little demonstration all right so i'm driving and i'm going to try to put the gps side by side with me so you can see the gps on screen as i drive and tracking the vehicle it's pretty interesting so in this case i'm getting real-time data and information about my vehicle as it speeds down a highway it's pretty amazing that this is available it's not something you have to go back and download it is streaming live on your phone you can zoom in zoom out go through the preferences change different options and know exactly where the gps tracker is and also if i go to the history button i can see every place that my vehicle has been and follow every place it stopped now there's a lot of implications here and it's really neat that i could follow and see who took my car where it went all sorts of things where they stopped every location by clicking the history button i can change it from satellite images to just a street map just like google maps there's a lot of things you can change the time zone all sorts of things that you can go through and change in the app there's also a power save mode which i think is a great option that not all of these gps trackers have that way it really lasts so i'm not here to go into every detail of the app for you go to the website read the details click the link in the description below.

The fact that the battery lasts a long time like i said absolutely amazing Messenger Tracker or Mini GPS Tracker i you know you could put this in a package you're mailing it it's very valuable thousands of dollar item you put this in the package you know where your package literally is during the trip right you can put this in a car boom you know where your car you know how fast it's going you know where you're driving where your driver's driving if you have a fleet of vehicles your company you put these in your cars you know exactly where they are if you um work in the security business this could be a big thing for you construction sites if you have a hundred thousand dollar tractor sitting on your lot don't trust it to chance over the weekend put this on it people are stealing stuff and they're shipping stuff out of ports they can put them in containers they can cut them up well guess what you know exactly where your vehicle your item your object is this stuff is covered it's an amazing company talking 4g they're tracking with satellites and i turned off the lights so it's kind of incognito mode there's no little lights on it right now you can do that in the gps tracker in the easy to install that's something i have not pointed out yet how easy it is to install you just go into your app store google and itunes download the app on your smartphone and you're watching this stuff 24 7 365 getting updated notifications when your vehicle or item whatever has this moves around.