How to Connect Alexa to Your Computer

How to Connect Alexa to Your Computer

After connecting Alexa with your PC, you can remotely turn on your PC and also interact with all of your Alexa-enabled devices with the help of your PC.

Want to know how you can connect Alexa to your PC? Follow this article to the end.

After connecting Alexa with your PC, you can remotely turn on your PC and also interact with all of your Alexa-enabled devices with the help of your PC. You can even use your Amazon Echo as your computer speaker. Below we have mentioned the steps for connecting Alexa with your computer.

Steps to Set Up Alexa for PC

As of now, Alexa is available for the PCs and notebooks that support Windows 10. The app either comes preinstalled on the supported devices or gets offered while you are setting up the device.

To check if Alexa is preinstalled on your Windows 10 PC or not, you have to type Alexa in your search box. If you don’t get any results, then do not lose hope. Asus, HP, Lenovo, and Ace are all intended to have Alexa integration.

In case you already have Alexa on your Windows 10 PC, you need to set it up to start using it.

Click Start, and then opt for the app “Alexa on Windows.”

When the setup screen appears out, select “Set up Amazon Alexa.”

Press on Continue when the Terms and Conditions screen appears.

Select the required settings and tap on Finish Setup.

Click on Sign-in or Create a New Amazon Account in case you do not have it yet.

Alexa will always be in a ready state on your PC after you login.

Use Alexa to Pair Your Echo Device with PC

If your PC is Bluetooth-enabled and you have an Echo device, you can simply pair your Echo device with the system’s Bluetooth. Once paired, you can use it as a PC speaker. You can follow up with the below-mentioned steps for doing the same:

You need to first log in to your Alexa account by visiting

Then you need to select the Settings in the left pane and choose your Echo device from the devices appearing there.

Then select Bluetooth and press on “Pair a New Device.”

Alexa will then search for all the available devices.

Go to the Bluetooth Settings on your system to check if it is on and your system is discoverable or not.

Then press “Add Bluetooth or Other Device” and choose Bluetooth under the Device Type and opt for your Echo device from the devices appearing there, and your PC will get connected to your Echo device.

Turn on Your PC Using Alexa

It is not possible to turn on your powered-down PC using an Alexa-enabled device; still you can wake up your PC; it is in a sleep mode.

You will have to enable Wake on LAN, set up an IFTTT recipe, and connect Tasker with IFTTT through an SMS, your handset, and your PC.

Enable Wake on LAN

To enable Wake on LAN, follow these steps:

In your search box, type “Device Manager” and then press Enter.

Then double-tap on the “Network Adapters” and then on the device name.

Then you need to go to the “Power Management” tab and select the checkboxes.

Then visit the “Advanced” tab, select “Wait for Link,” and then press ON in the drop-down menu.

Click on “Wake on Magic Packet” and then on “Enabled” and press OK.

Set Up an IFTTT recipe

To connect Amazon Alexa to Android SMS, you need to use IFTTT. To do that:

Log in to IFTTT and in the search bar, enter “Alexa, Trigger PC” and then select “Alexa, Trigger PC On” applet to enable it.

You need to enter the phrase that you want to use in order to turn on your PC through the Alexa command. Then enter your phone number and press Save.

Connect TASKER with IFTTT

You need to Install the Wake on LAN app and the Tasker app on your Android handset and then follow these steps:

You need to connect your Android device on the same network on which your PC is.

Then open the “Wake on LAN” app and press the “+” present on the bottom-right corner.

Then select your computer from the list of devices appearing there.

Further, open the “Tasker” and go to the “Tasks” panel and add a new task by entering a name for it.

Again, tap the “+” for choosing the “Plugin” option. Then tap on “Wake on LAN.”

Press “Edit” and select your computer.

Then visit the “Profiles” panel and press “+” and choose “Event.”

Tap on “Phone,” and then on “Received Text.”

Tap on the “Search” option appearing on the right of the Sender.

Then select your own contact info and go to the back to the “Profiles” panel and press on “PC On (Or WoL)” appearing in the drop-down list.

Ensure that your profile is toggled on, and then you can exit the Tasker.

So, these were the steps for connecting Alexa with your PC. You can also turn on your PC using Alexa. After you have set the required settings, just say “Alexa, trigger PC on” so that it can wake up your system, which might be in a sleep or hibernation mode.

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