Ways To Instantly Style Your Heat-resistant Wigs For The Next Event!

Ways To Instantly Style Your Heat-resistant Wigs For The Next Event!

No doubt synthetic wigs make it easier to get styled, but there are certain rules that one must follow for that perfect wig look. So here is the complete guide

Looking to change your hairstyle without making a permanent commitment? Synthetic wigs are the way to go. Synthetic wigs are made from fibers such as plastic or acrylic using special technology to enhance the natural look of the wearer.

You can choose from two types of synthetic wigs-‘Simple synthetic wigs’ and ‘Heat-resistant wigs’. Simple synthetic wigs cannot withstand the heat and therefore, offers limited styling versatility. On the other hand, Heat-resistant wigs are made from special synthetic fibers that can easily withstand the heat produced by styling tools. However, it’s always suggested purchasing professional styling tools as they come with temperature control settings.

No doubt synthetic wigs make it easier to get styled, but there are certain rules that one must follow for that perfect wig look. So here is the complete guide to style up with your synthetic heat-resistant wigs:

Step 1:

Wash and Dry Your Wig:

Regardless of which hairstyle you want to try for your next event, washing and cleaning your wig will always be the first step.

So, before styling your wig hair, make sure that you follow these basic pre-styling steps:

Put your wig on the wig stand and gently remove the knots with a wide-toothed comb or wig brush.

Dampen your wig in the running water and wash it gently with shampoo, as prescribed by your hairstylist.

Once you’re done with shampoo, comb your wig in the downward direction smoothly.

Now place your wig on the wig stand or a soft cloth to let it dry naturally. Once your wig is dry, comb it again with a wide-toothed comb.

Step 2:

Different Ways To Style Your Heat-resistant Wigs: When styling your wig, make sure you use a wig stand or wig block heads as they allow you to easily secure your wig in place while styling it from every possible angle. Further, to hold the style in place, you can use T-pins or clips. Having done the basics rightly, it’s time for wig styling:

•Rock-n-Roll Your Wig: For those elegant curls or perms, it’s better to start with a ‘wig spray’. Generally, curling can be done using two types of tools – Curling irons and hot rollers. Since the steps involved in each tool is different, it’s important to understand the procedure properly:

Hot Rollers: It is the perfect choice for that bouncy curled look.

A. Start with separating your wig into smaller sections and clipping them up.

B. Roll up each section in a hot roller ensuring that you wrap the ends completely around the roller.

C. Allow the rollers to cool down completely for 10 to 15 minutes, before removing them from the wig.

D. Unroll in the same direction in which it was rolled to prevent frizz and tangles.

E. Finally, arrange the curls gently with a comb and spray ‘styling mousse’ to complete your look.

Curling Irons: It is the best for short or long curls.

a. Comb the wig and separate it into 6 or 8 sections.

b. Leaving 2-3 inches from the base, start curling your wig with the curling iron. Note: Do not touch the wig cap with heated iron as it can damage the inner cap construction.

c. Now, hold each section of hair between your curling iron for more than 10-15 seconds and release the curl into your palm or on an apron.

d. Once you have curled up your wig completely, use a wig spray to secure the style.

•Straight-n-Create Your Wig: Smooth, straight and glossy wig is the perfect pick for both formal and casual events. You can straighten your synthetic wigs with either flat iron or blow dryer.

Flat Iron: Flat iron offers you a sophisticated and long-lasting look in just three steps:

A.Separate your wig into eight sections and use ‘Thermal Spray’ to protect it from heat and dryness.

B.Hold each section between the flat iron for 10-15 seconds with a moderate temperature.

C.Repeat this procedure again and again and leave the wig on block head for 20-25 minutes to lock the luscious style.

Blow Dryer: This is one of the best tools to instantly create the sleek, voluminous, and salon-like look.

A.Separate your wig into two sections and spray little water to prevent overheating.

B.Slowly move the wig brush down to the ends while you blow-dry at a lower temperature. As you move ahead with other sections, increase the temperature of the dryer.

C.Lastly, leave the wig for 30 minutes and apply ‘styling mousse’ to retain the style!

It is important to maintain the right temperature for styling up the heat-resistant wigs as too much heat can damage their strands. So make sure you do your online wig shopping accordingly.