Cellulite: What Is It and How to Fight It

Cellulite: What Is It and How to Fight It

Today I want to talk about the enemy number one of all women:


All women have to do with her. No one is excluded, whether you are tall, short, slim or overweight you have definitely had to deal with her.

Have you ever asked for advice from doctors or personal trainers and the answer has always been “drink a lot and move more "?

Ok they are not all wrong but the question is not so simple.

What is cellulite?

Over the centuries the female body has learned to accumulate fat in the lower part of the body.

It does not do it to make you wrong but to create reserve stocks (triglycerides) for emergencies, such as a pregnancy. When these deposits break (the reasons can be many: wrong physical activity, stress, smoke, etc.) the content is poured into the surrounding space, creating a microcirculation malfunction and the annoying and unsightly bearings that all women hate.

The triggers of cellulite are:

• Sedentary life

• Wrong physical activities

• Excessive consumption of dairy products

• Smoke

• Stress

• Consumption of junk food (fast food, snacks, snacks etc.)

• Consumption of packaged products (eg cold cuts and salami)

• Drink too much water (yes, you read that right!)

• Excess caffeine

Running and walking like anticellulite?

Let's start by saying that if the maximum of the sport you play is a squat to sit on the couch the road is long. If you fall into this category, however, any activity you choose to do is already a start.

Previously I told you that cellulite is caused by a stagnation of extracellular fluids and changes in microcirculation.

This is why I feel discouraged from running: when you run you create an impact on the ground that, besides being able to damage the joints if you are not prepared, will make cellulite worse.

If you like being outdoors and strolling, the walk is definitely for you. Obviously it must be done with criteria, keep a nice pace but with a medium-low heart rate for about 40 '. In this way the "clogged" tissues will be re-oxygenated and you will notice improvements.

High intensity training

Intense physical activity cellulitePerhaps reading the previous paragraph you will have thought: "Well, I like running, spinning, etc. and I want to prepare for a race".

Surely if you run habitually (or you want to start doing it) you will have results regarding weight loss exercise at home.

Always there!! With these types of sports the best solution is to focus on cool down. Once you finish the race do not stop (we do not create stagnations) but continue to walk 10 minutes.

Remember that you must never stress the physical, habitual to train and teach him above all to recover calmly.

Once the walk is over while you are lying down and raising your legs, we have to drain the accumulated fluids well with the workout. A good solution is to pass cold water on the legs, in this way the body temperature will lower and the circulation will normalize more easily.

Is your element water?

If you love water you are on horseback. The pools today offer a variety of activities: water gym, hydro bike ... Water prevents the impact with the ground from causing micro-injuries to the capillaries that would affect the circulation.

Furthermore, the movement produces a leg massage that helps the physiological drainage of liquids. So, if you love group courses or individual sessions in the water, what are you waiting for? Take a dip!

Magic potions

“I bought a 60 € cream that makes cellulite disappear ". But please..

These products make only the companies that produce them happy. The only improvement they can give is due to the massage that you do on the area at the time of application. It goes without saying that combining a draining massage with moderate physical activity is an excellent idea


When the body works well and eliminates all waste, there is no danger that the adipose tissues can alter and "transform" into cellulite.

Once it is formed, however, detoxifying the body becomes fundamental and therefore the kidneys, intestines and skin, must be in perfect condition.

For this reason I suggest you drink at least 7/8 glasses of water a day away from meals.

You have no idea how many women do not drink water at all. If you're not used, start with a glass a day, then two and so on...

Remember: your body must get used to it. You must never swallow it.

Careful, therefore, to the camel effect: I remind you that your goal is to drain liquids and avoid accumulation. An excessive quantity of water all together would accumulate in the extracellular matrix with consequent water retention.

To recap

• Cellulite is a symptom that you have bad circulation and that, most likely, you have to detoxify your body

• Bad habits such as smoking, stressful life and little free time are friends of cellulite. Try to eliminate them as much as possible

• Foods full of toxins such as cured meats favor water retention

• The best way to fight it is to get used to the sport and practice it constantly at medium-low heart rates

• Drink plenty of water but be careful not to overdo it

• Creams and miraculous products do not exist, only commitment and constancy give good results