Motor shows provide you with ideal opportunities to meet your next potential customer or business partner.

Attending and participating in an automobile and motor shows are one of the easiest way to expand and develop your automobile business in the international markets and business sectors. On such motor shows and expositions you are able to meet and establish direct contacts with some of the renowned international automobile brands and manufacturing and assembling companies. Motor shows provide you with ideal opportunities to meet your next potential customer or business partner. Exhibiting your product and models at a motor show enable you to market your product in accost-effective way. This also provides you with a chance to promote your company’s prospects by networking with several competent automobile manufacturers, suppliers and dealers. Not only that, numerous brands and companies are able to sell their product on such motor shows and events which provides you with direct sales opportunities. One of the pivotal factor these motor shows and expositions is that it enables you have direct and person-to-person interactions with your potential clients and buyers which helps in increasing your sales opportunities and profit rates.

Motor shows and automobile expos of 2019:

Numerous motor and auto shows for the year have been planned already. Here is a list of a few international and Guangzhou motor shows of 2019:

• Auto Shanghai 2019:

This will be the 18th International Automobile Industry Exhibition of China. It will be one of the leading and biggest automobile event of 2019. Showcasing automobile products, parts, latest technology and models manufactured and offered by various international brands and companies. The event is expected to take place on 18th April—25th April 2019. The venue of this event is expected to be NECC—National (Shanghai) Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai.

• Auto Service Chain and Car Wash Show:

This show will take place at the China International Exhibition Center, Beijing. The announced dates of this event are 22nd February – 25th February 2019. This motor show is dedicated to the demonstration and showcasing of auto services chains, car beauty and care products, auto electronics, auto accessories, auto lubricants, tuning tools and other related products and tools.

• China (International) Motor Exposition and Forum:

This motor show is expected to be held on 10th July—12th July 2019 at the Shanghai International Expo Center (SNIEC), Shanghai. The event is organized for demonstration and showcasing of small and medium-sized motors, fractional horsepower motors, permanent magnet motors, servo motors and other related items.

• Auto Parts:

This motor show is expected to take place at the Poly World Trade Center, Guangzhou. The dates decided for this event are 26th February—28th February 2019. This show is dedicated to the showcasing of the automotive air-conditioning for cars, trucks, buses, construction vehicles and etc. Approximately, 5000 visitors are expected to attend this event and an estimated count of almost 500 exhibitors will exhibit their products and parts.


Motor shows and automobiles expos provide automobile industries with numerous profitable opportunities to increase their growth and profits rates. In addition to that, these shows and expositions are a great way to learn and to gain insights about the automotive industries.