Hypnosis for anxiety and depression – does it work?

Hypnosis for anxiety and depression – does it work?

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Hypnotherapy or hypnosis in Kelowna is a practice used by experts for centuries to deal with several mental health issues. It is believed that such a therapy is useful in treating depression, anxiety, and fear in some cases. Let us dig in to know more about it here.

The method involves a highly trained therapist using therapeutic words, techniques, or phrases to help a person enter an altered state of consciousness. Hypnotherapy in Kelowna shall involve guided relaxation, self-talk, visualization or music.

The main idea behind hypnosis revolves around altering the brainwaves of a person, allowing them to tap into resources withing themselves that they cannot reach when they are fully conscious. Research has proved that this kind of approach can help individuals manage their anxiety up to a great extent.

Hypnosis in Kelowna for anxiety

We all go through anxiety at some point in life. It is a discomforting feeling, a feeling of uneasiness and fear that may cause someone to sweat, feel tense, and experience a rapid heartbeat. Those with anxiety disorders have this condition that doesn’t go away so easily. It interferes with their daily life and leaves people feeling overwhelmed. Hypnosis may help such individuals with anxiety because it eases them into a relaxed and calm state.

Hypnosis works best at reducing anxiety when it is combined with other psychological interventions that include exposure therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

Hypnosis for fear

Hypnosis when done under the guidance of expert can help to reduce fear of an individual up to a great extent. The measurable qualities of fear include blood pressure and heart rate.

The technique will help to lower blood pressure by easing the mind and body into a relaxed and calm state. Once the hypnosis relaxes their body, they can redirect their mind away from focusing on their fears.

Hypnosis for depression

Depressing is a serious disorder that can even be lethal in some extreme cases. It is a mood disorder that affects how someone thinks, feels, and handles daily activities. There are many forms of the condition, but some common symptoms include irritability, loss of interest, persistent anxious or sad mood, and difficulty in sleep or concentration.

Hypnosis is an effective method of alleviating the symptoms of depression. Those with major depression have decreased heart rate variability, which is the variation in the time between consecutive heartbeats.

According to a study, hypnosis for depression is very effective and it can be given along with other psychological interventions like CBT and interpersonal therapy. If you want to know more about hypnotherapy in Kelowna, you can talk to us. Our team will be glad to assist you.

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