How do I connect my HP Tango X to Wi-Fi

How do I connect my HP Tango X to  Wi-Fi
10 months ago

If you are searching for the right printer for scan, print and fax purposes, then the HP tango X printer is best for you

HP always takes the fame to be the first in the market for providing something flexible for their customers. Tango X allows you to print wirelessly, for which you need to establish this connection. Therefore, this article takes you through a set of instructions and these instructions help you get rid of How do I connect my HP Tango X to Wi-Fi question and know more information about HP Tango X Printer setup

Things that you need before starting

  • A wireless network router
  • Any system that supports the Tango X model
  • Space to keep the printer and the system

How do I connect my HP Tango X to Wi-Fi

There are three ways to accomplish this process

Using the WPS

  • In the first place, make sure your router supports WPS
  • Turn your printer on
  • Find the WPS button, which will be available on the router, do not press it
  • There will be the wireless button and the power button, press them simultaneously for 5 minutes
  • Now, press the WPS button on the router for about 3 to 5 second
  • If the connection is complete, subsequently you will see a WPS connection process has started message and the blue Wireless light on the control panel turns on

Using HP Smart app

This is the simplest of all the 3

  • To begin with, download the HP Smart app from the website
  • Install it and follow the on-screen commands to complete the process
  • Also, ensure if your printer and the device are connected to the same wireless network

Using Wi-Fi direct

If a local wireless network is not accessible or is not accessible for customer printing, Wi-Fi Direct is the best option. Go to Wi-Fi Direct Printing to start up your Windows desktop device connection.

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