How Do I Download Netflix Movies to my Phone without Subscription?

How Do I Download Netflix Movies to my Phone without Subscription?

Are you looking for a guide to know how to use Netflix on windows PC or tab? Then read this article to learn about Netflix features on your Windows computer

Around Netflix is one of the most popular video streams in which you can even download Netflix videos and have fun. To download it is not necessary to have any other apps, you can do it in your Netflix app itself.


You can download only those videos that are available for free in your Netflix app. Hence you can also download the Netflix series free without subscription in the above method.

Now Shall we Download?

Step 1:

Open your NetFlix app, choose the content that you want to download then you will have to open the content.

Step 2:

Then you have to tap on the download option, when the downloading process is done, the icon will now change into a mobile icon and a tick mark.

(The download process will be based on the speed of your internet connection).

Have a look at this:

Usually movies will have only one downloading option whereas in series there will be many downloading options based on an episode.

Also, you can’t download Netflix movies to the computer by following the above method.

How to Delete the Downloaded Movies After Watching it?

After watching the movie or if you feel like this has occupied a huge space in your device, you have to follow any one of the two methods.

To Delete Videos One by One

1. Go to the movies or series page.

2. This shows the list of movies that have been downloaded on your device.

3. Tap on the video and click the delete download option.

To Delete All the Videos at Once:

1. Go to the downloads page and then click on the pencil icon that is on the top-right side.

2. Then tap on the red X icon or trash can icon (this differs based on the device that you are using) to delete the videos.

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