How to Fix Discord Stops Working in Game Error?

How to Fix Discord Stops Working in Game Error?

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Discord is a unique application that enables you to chat and text while playing games. Sometimes, players might face issues while using this app. If you are facing issues on Discord, then follow this article and read the instructions carefully. Here is how you can fix Discord stops working in game error.

Check the Discord Settings

First and foremost you should check the app settings.

You should launch the Settings on Discord.

After that, select the cog button nearby the username.

Go to the left side menu and locate then launch the ‘Voice and Video’ settings beneath the heading of App Settings.

Don’t forget to set the Output and Input device to the one you have installed.

Beneath the ‘Voice Processing’ is a choice to enable or disable Advanced Voice Activity. It’s an alternative but should help whether the voice can’t be recognized by the standard sensitivity settings of a mic.

Turn off Discord Overlay

Here is how you can turn off the Discord overlay.

You should launch the Discord.

Then choose the User Settings option.

After that, reach the menu and select the Overlay option.

Later, untick the ‘Enable in-game overlay switch’ option.

Fix Windows Settings on Windows 10

If you are using Windows 10, then here is what you need to do.

Go to the Start menu on the Taskbar.

After that, select the Settings option.

You should click on the Privacy option.

Reach the left side menu and move down to the ‘App Permissions’ then select the Microphone option.

Don’t forget to enable the ‘Allow apps to access your microphone’ option.

Fix Windows Settings on Older Windows

Users who are using Windows 8 or Windows 7 need to follow the steps given below.

You have to invoke the Control Panel.

If you are a Windows 8 user, then it is accessible by dragging up once in the Start Screen and locating the button of the Control Panel beneath the Apps.

Optionally, hold the Windows and X buttons altogether over the keyboard.

If you have Windows 7 and previous, select the Start icon and pick the Control Panel.

You should choose the ‘Hardware and Sound’ option.

Go to the Sound option.

Then invoke the Recording section.

After that, locate the microphone you have and choose the Properties option.

Navigate to the General section and tick the Device Usage.

10. It is the device that can be turned on by standard, otherwise, then turn it on.

11. Now, choose the Apply button.

Allow Mic Access on Chrome

Here is how you can turn on Microphone access on your Google Chrome browser.

Launch the Chrome and select the vertical ellipsis menu icon at the top right side of the screen.

After that, select the Settings option.

Reach the left menu and select the ‘Privacy and Security’ option.

You should choose the Site Settings.

Go to the Microphone option.

In case Discord is beneath the list of Blocked and delete it by selecting on the trash button.

Alternatively, you should check whether Chrome detects the mic as its standard device.

Run in Administrator Mode

Finally, try running the app in the admin mode.

Firstly, find the Discord.exe or Discord shortcut button.

After that, select the icon and right-click on it.

Now, select the ‘Run as Administrator’ option.

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