T-Shirt Trends: Heavyweight T-Shirt

T-Shirt Trends: Heavyweight T-Shirt

Heavy things are usually associated with being rough. Well, this is not the case for heavyweight t-shirts. the right heavyweight t-shirt is soft and tender.

As I walked around and researched the block on the emerging t-shirt trends, I found out that most of the people I talked to mentioned heavyweight t-shirts. This type of t-shirt amazes many people today. They are in the wardrobes of most people you see walking around. Perhaps they are in your wardrobe too. If you are yet to own one, read on and I assure you by the time you finish reading you will be convinced of owning one.

What Qualifies As A Heavyweight T-Shirt?

A heavyweight t-shirt is denser and heavier than other normal t-shirts. For a t-shirt to qualify as a heavyweight, it should weigh around 6 oz. Most t-shirts weigh from 3.7 to 4.3 oz. Heavy cotton is used to make a heavyweight t-shirt.

Why Wear A Heavyweight T-Shirt?

Heavy things are usually associated with being rough. Well, this is not the case for heavyweight t-shirts. the right heavyweight t-shirt is soft and tender.

• Structured Fit: Due to the heavier cotton fabric used in making heavyweight t-shirts, the t-shirts are firmer and more structured. When we look at other soft t-shirts, we see them as flimsy and wavy around the edges. The heavyweight t-shirts look sharper. If steadiness is what you are looking for, then go for heavyweight t-shirts.

• Warmth: The thick fabric used in making heavyweight t-shirts makes them multi-purpose and nice for layering. Due to their structure, they tend to retain heat hence providing more warmth to the person wearing them. It is a t-shirt type that you definitely should have during very cold seasons. You can also pair it with a jacket.

• Durable: Heavyweight t-shirts take very long to wear out. This is because of the weight of the fabric and the structure of its sew. You rarely find holes in search tees.

T-Shirt Trends: Heavyweight T-Shirt

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Phone Cases: Important Accessories

A phone is very important. It helps us handle certain tasks in no time. Apart from the normal calling and texting, we use phones to find directions, find restaurants, capture memories, and even mobile banking. They are also expensive. Anything expensive should be very well taken care of. This calls for phone cases. How exactly do phone cases protect your phone?

• Offer More Protection: Phones without cases are likely to wear down very quickly. This is due to the constant touch. Sometimes it falls, and if a case is not present then the phone is greatly damaged. But it is also wise to note that the cases also do wear out. You should not stay with one case for long as this puts your phone in danger. Replace your case often.

• Avoid Scratches: Some cases also offer screen protection features. It is wise to obtain them since the screen is a major part of your phone. if your phone stays in the pocket or purse for long, then it is likely to get scratched easily. Get a case that also offers screen protection services.

T-Shirt Trends: Heavyweight T-Shirt

• Better Grip: Smartphones nowadays are good-looking, sleek, and slippery. They are thin and light. A good case provides some space for you to better grip the phone. this minimizes the chances of falling.

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