The Beautiful Truth

The Beautiful Truth

Discovering the beautiful truth about yourself in the context of a busy life.

We live busy lives running from task to task thinking about the past and worrying about the future. We never seem to have time for now. It is so easy to allow the weight of a million trivial things distract us from the most important moment that there is, this moment right in front of us.

In those moments when we do stop, when we are alone with our thoughts, when the hustle and bustle settle down for just an instant we are confronted with the scariest thing on the planet, ourselves.

Perhaps the biggest reason that we are so busy with our lives is less about things we think that we must have and more about avoiding having to face ourselves. While it is true that we need to get things done I am not entirely sure that all the things that we do are so important as to never allow ourselves to spend some time, be in the moment with ourselves.

We live in a society that values things way too much and makes the acquisition of things way too important. We measure our value by what we have rather than who we are. Perhaps that race to acquire things which keeps us too busy to stop, be quiet and be with ourselves is really a way not to have to face the feeling that we are unworthy, unlovable, not good enough.

I have been having more and more moments where I am allowing myself to be alone with myself and I can see how it is very easy to go down the rabbit hole of unworthiness and severe negative self judgement. If we allow ourselves to get caught up in the many negative thoughts we have about ourselves it can become very dark and depressing. It scares us and we feel like we have to run away and yet if we give ourselves the chance and muster up the courage we may find that these are the moments of greatest opportunity and insight. These are the moments when you can connect with the now and with the core of who you are. This is where the growth begins.

We want to feel that we have value, that we matter, that we are good people and yet so much of the messaging that we have received in our lives is negative. We are asked to measure up to external things, things that are given the perception of perfection, a perfection that if achieved will make us whole, make us good, make us desired, make us whatever it is that we feel we have to be. The one important thing, however, that all of these things cannot make us is – us.

So it is time that I tell you the plain and scary truth..

You are lovable, you do matter, you are worthy and you are good. You always were. It was there from the day that you were born and you just forgot. You do not need things to prove this, you do not need accomplished children to be this, you do not need high status or major accomplishments to announce this, the simple truth, the wonderful truth is that you always were this, you are this. There was never a moment that you weren't this, you just allowed the outside world to convince you otherwise.

So each and every day, take a moment to be mindful, be here, be now, be with yourself and see just how beautiful you truly are and just how much you really matter. Because you do.