Musings On A New Year

Musings On A New Year

A general well wish to the world at the beginning of 2017

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A New Year Full of Possibility

Melissa Paige Kennedy

We have entered the domain of a new year full of possibility for great new adventures. The year 2016 was a challenging one on the world stage and I know for me personally it was a very difficult year. But in difficulty is great opportunity to grow and evolve.

In the grand scheme of things my difficulties were very big - to me. But if I measure that against the horrible challenges faced by people living in Aleppo or the path traveled by Syrian refugees for example then my personal problems are comparatively small.

This is a time of year when people generally make a list of resolutions that they usually don't keep. They start with good intent but the motivation fizzles out. I think that is the way that we are, we find a big event such as New Years to reset and restart, much like going to church weekly to absolve your sins, then we just repeat the behaviors that required absolution.

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Absolve Your Sins

Melissa Paige Kennedy

In the context of these things I will take a slightly different approach. First I will acknowledge that my problems are not as big as they seem to me, they never are. I will start each day with a sense of appreciation and gratitude for all the gifts that life has given me especially the gifts of family and friends. I will accept that I am human and I will make mistakes and I am human and can learn from my mistakes. I will make this moment the most important moment because it is the only moment there is. I will do my best to be kind to all others including myself. I will recognize that each day is a day of renewal and new possibility and as such I will deal with my life in manageable moments.

There are a great many problems in the world and I will accept that they exist because resisting reality is a fruitless exercise, however, I know that acceptance is not resignation, it is removing the stress of mind stuff that gets in the way of doing something to make the world a better place.

I will walk in this world as graciously as I can with the greatest love, respect and kindness that I can muster accepting my humanity for its weaknesses but more importantly for its strengths, potential and nobleness. As a species we have done great damage to our world and to each other and yet we have also shown such great acts of love and creativity. If we can become the awareness of what we do and how it impacts the world around us perhaps in that awareness we can see how we might do things better and more in sync with being stewards of our planet and of each other.

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See Ourselves in the Best Light

Melissa Paige Kennedy

My hope then is that we can all see ourselves in the best light, be kind to ourselves, each other and all of the other forms of life we share this planet with and use 2017 as a stepping stone to creating a better and brighter new world.

Happy New Year to all.