Why You Need to Have a Mobile Responsive Website

Why You Need to Have a Mobile Responsive Website

Cell phone users check their phones hundreds of times a day. This is why it’s important for your business to have a mobile responsive website.

Since the rise of the cell phone into the hands of the general population, approximately 2 million people have and rely on smartphones for more than just phone calls and texting. The smartphone has recently become so affordable that many people are making the switch. This means that mobile browsing is extremely prominent, and this will only increase over time.

What this means for any business, no matter how big or small, is that if you don’t have a mobile friendly website, you’re likely losing business.

In this mobile age, not having a mobile friendly website is almost as harmful to your brand and business than not having a website at all.


The way that Google gives the best search results is by tracking several things and penalizing websites and pages for certain things. One of the things they will penalize for is not being mobile friendly. This means if you’re not optimized for mobile, you can be pushed down the page as your competitors rise to the top of Google searches.

Google also tracks both bounce rates and click backs. If you are getting a high bounce rate, this means that your users are leaving your webpage quickly after arriving there. If you are getting a low click back time, that means your users are quickly clicking back to the search results to find something else.

Both of these will negatively affect your SEO score and will make your business more difficult to find in Google searches, as they will push you down the page.

Your user are very likely to either click back or bounce to a different site if they are searching your business on mobile and your site is not mobile friendly. This has its implications on many fronts:

User Experience

Simply put, a poorly designed mobile website will reflect poorly on your brand. Give your customers and potential customers a good experience and they will remember that positively. If they search you on a mobile device and they have a bad experience, such as distorted images, text that is too small and pages that don’t fit the screen, they are likely to get a poor impression of your brand as a whole.

Give them a great mobile experience, and they will appreciate it! Whether they consciously realize it or not, they will enjoy spending time on a mobile site that works and they will definitely notice a poor mobile site, which will leave a bad impression on your brand.

On-the-go abilities

Those who are browsing on a hand-held device are usually on the go, and therefore looking for something geographically relevant to where they are at the time of search.

When a mobile user types in what they are looking for in the moment (for example, “coffee shop”), Google will automatically list the nearest coffee shops to where the search is made using GPS.

To help with your business' SEO, be sure to have a mobile responsive website.

Whatever your business, you’ll want to be listed under this search result! If you do not have a mobile friendly site, you will not be listed here. Being listed in the geographically relevant results list is an easy opportunity for driving customers to your business. Not having a mobile friendly site means that you are easily missing out on local customers looking for you.

Note: These on-the-go users also need your website to load and respond quickly. Mobile users are likely to leave a page if it does not load in 3 seconds or less. Make sure your website is fast to keep your mobile users on your site and preventing them from jumping to the next relevant search!


So many businesses already have mobile responsive versions of their websites, for good reason. If your website is not mobile friendly, your potential customer will quickly find a competitor of yours that is compatible with their handheld device and gravitate toward them.

Don’t give your competitors that advantage, (or your customers the impression that you’re not up with the times), and make sure to optimize your website for mobile! You will notice results right away as the Internet has easy of search and buying potential from anywhere at any time.

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