What Is “Dark Traffic”?

What Is “Dark Traffic”?

What Is “Dark Traffic” & What Can You Do To Shed Some Light On It? The simple answer is that this is traffic that Google Analytics cannot decipher its origin.

Have you noticed a mysteriously large amount of views on your website that appear to be Direct Traffic? This is traffic that Google Analytics cannot decipher its origin. However, this data could include traffic from social media links or mobile app links.

How can you work around this Google Analytics glitch?

It is clear that not all of the users grouped into "direct traffic" have typed in your URL directly into their browser's location bar. Therefore, you will need to identify their sources with a bit of analytics knowledge.

First, start by segmenting the "direct traffic" users in Google Analytics to identify those who did not start at a "landing page" such as the homepage or landing pages on your website. This allows the assumption that users would not have typed in the direct URL of inner pages of your site, this tells us they were not "direct traffic".

Create specific parameters for your campaign so you can separately track the performance of each one. This can easily be achieved with email marketing solutions like Constant Contact, and social media tools such as Hootsuite.

Why do we want to shed light on Google Analytics dark traffic?

You need to understand the “big data” in order to truly understand the return on your investment in digital marketing. When done correctly, all of your digital marketing efforts can be monitored with actual performance measurements. With the analysis of this data, you will be able to identify the efforts that are cost-effective, the ones that require some tweaking, and which should be discontinued.

Get a digital marketing agency or consultant to help.

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